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Diva & Co.

Friday, January 30, 2004


Are you there, God? Its me, The Diva.
Can I please have one stinkin' day in my life where there's not 5 kajillion people up in my business making drama? Are people really that bored with life that they need to be screwing stuff up for me? Can anyone just learn to GET OVER IT! Furthermore, can people get over themselves and leave me alone? Am I not 22 and capable of living my own freaking life? Aren't you in love with someone and having this big "emotional connection" with them, so big in fact, that you're MOVING TO BE NEAR THEM?!?! Of course you are, so why do you care what goes on in my life?!?!

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Hi my names liz

Hi my names liz im curently pretending to give a shit so that peoepl like me again in my fake black wig looking hair now I will fart use up the water use the washer and dryer and complain about people makeing nosie in ngiht cause im a bitch face

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Pound of Turkey TOOTHPASTE Diapers The Big Pack

Dear Car commercial
············ You don't need to be on 80 billion times a day please stop or atelast tell me what the song is so i can impress girls and tell them waht the song is when the comercil is on then they go oh wow lets make out

the end
with love sheep xoxoxxo

p/s/ FU and that damm toothpaste
i found the song its called "Dance to The Underground" by Radio 4 to download Clikc This

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch...

So yesterday everyone on all the news channels were telling us that the world is gonna blow up with snow and we're all gonna die and have to live in igloos and eat one another. So in anticipation of this I stayed up til 2 a.m. drinking, laughing, watching movies and having snowball fights with everyone. A treacherous adventure to McDonalds was a fun time thanks to Aidan, my trusty Pathfinder and it brought tasty treats to the whole apartment.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico was a pretty decent flick (a lil gory if I do say so myself), but I dunno if it was worth all those Miller Lite burps or the fact that I'm running on no sleep wahtsoever in order to be here at work today. And for what? No one is even here anyhow (well except the FabUlous Twan) and I did score points b.c I saw my cool boss walking to work and I stopped and picked her up. It was pretty good in that respect. Now I've got a stomach ache and Im cranky though. Oh well only 2 hrs left to go before I can go home and get my nap on.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Mystery Solved...Kinda

You may remember my trip to Montreal last October. Well on that trip I mentioned that we had stopped at Stewart's Shops and stumbled upon a very strange flavor of soda called "Vichy". Now, you're prolly asking yourself the same thing we were "What the hell is a Vichy"? Well, it wasn't seltzer water, it wasn't a citrus, it wasn't even tonic water or gingerale-ish (though it did come in a green bottle). The Stewart's label didn't even offer much in the way of description.

This weekend on the trek home from snowboarding we stopped at Stewart's again. We brought the bottle to the register and asked the kindly Saugerties native (with his three glorious, shiny teeth) what exactly is Vichy. With a look that was a mixed bag of disgust, contempt and disbelief at our "lower New York" stupidity he said "What's Vichy?!?! It's like club soda." It was so matter of fact that we felt so ashamed and stupid for even having asked. We stewed in our feelings of disappointment for a few moments as we walked silently to the car. After a good laugh about how shocked he was that we weren't in the know about "Vichy" we stumbled upon the next of life's seltzery mysteries: what is the difference between Club Soda, Tonic Water and Seltzer? Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

Spatastic...and Other Happenings

"Let me ask you something: am I dating the female me? Like me, but as a girl?" - Seth Cohen

Anyhow yesterday I spent one of the best days I have in a while, at the Spa with my bestest girlie, Lisa. She was treated like some food with a sugar scrub, a milk bath and a shea butter massage so she's nice and smooth and luxurious. I treated myself to a milk bath and a Desert Stone massage. Let me tell you, I've had massages before, but with these smooth hot oiled stones gliding over your skin it was nothing short of pure excstasy. While he was giving me the foot massage, Joe, the masseuse, also almost gave me an orgasm. My feet are very sensitive on the bottom and whatever he was doing was so incredible and sexual in a non sexual way its getting me excited to write about it now. He wasn't hot at all, but it was one of the most sexual experiences I have ever had.

We followed up our massages with some makeup shopping at Sephora (like I needed an excuse to go there!!) and some good old fashioned girl talk and yummy chinese lunchies at P.F. Chang's China Bistro. It was great to spend so much time with her, I've missed her and she's been closer location-wise than ever and we just never took advantage of it. (c:

I have to say, the OC is so fucking good. Watch it. Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) is (to borrow a term from the Don) "adoobly" and I want to date him. (le sigh).

I had an awesome weekend. Friday night I was very nicely treated to a dinner at Eclisse and then I rocked out with everyone and early Saturday morning in the NEGATIVE TWO degree temperature I headed out with Andrew for some snowboarding. We went to Hunter Mountain and it was freezing and windy, but it was a great time. I dropped my board off to get a quick tune up (some fresh wax and sharpen the edges) so I won't be so dead the next time this season we hit the slopes. Also if anyone has any good exercises for strengthening your upper legs (BESIDES SQUATS!! I HATE SQUATS) please drop me an email or a comment. I finished Monday night up with some kickboxing and I feel so amped about it, becuase I love going in there and just getting all my aggression out. If I hadn't taken that spill on Saturday and hurt my elbow I would have been able to go full on grudge match mode when we were alternating right & left jabs & hooks. Oh well, theres always Wednesday.

Monday, January 26, 2004

GOLDEN GLOBES in conclusion

good thing simpsons and arested devlopment were on so i didnt end up wathcign the whole shabang
btu i did watch 8 hours of pre show on E! and joan nor melissa didnt talek to bill murry or jack black so that was a waste as well

Dear actress who wants a award Prostetics wins you awards

Dear digital Cabelvison Why dont i have bbc america its like all those years the larry sanders show woudl win and i had no clue what the show was about or like but it won everythign but i had no hbo or cabel so i need BBCa to see this office show that looks delightfully british

Dear Dressmakers you need to work harder cause all theses actreess keep on wearing odl dresses or "vintage" or maybe hte actresses jsut odnt care that somone else wore the dress before them but they look bad anyways so they looked bad 30 years ago and still look bad today so waht was the point besdies begging to not be on Fasion police

sex and the city is a comedy? i thoguth it was a drama the lady has cancer or somthign now yeah thats real funny

the queen of the golden globes was Kevin Costners daughter but who was the king

any who in tomarrow Oscar Nominations get annouced so woooopity doo

Thursday, January 22, 2004

GOLDEN GLOBES movie Picks ***
And Results

Picture - Drama

Cold Mountain
Produced by Albert Berger, William Horberg, Sydney Pollack, Ron Yerxa
The Lord Of the Rings: The Return Of the King **** Winner:
Produced by Peter Jackson, Barrie M. Osborne, Frances Walsh
Master and Commander: The Far Side Of the World
Produced by Samuel Goldwyn, Jr., Duncan Henderson, Peter Weir
Mystic River
Produced by Clint Eastwood, Judie Hoyt, Robert Lorenz
Produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Gary Ross, Jane Sindell

Picture - Musical Or Comedy

Bend It Like Beckham
Produced by Gurinder Chadha, Deepak Nayar
Big Fish ****
Produced by Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks, Richard D. Zanuck
Finding Nemo
Produced by Graham Walters
Lost In Translation Winner:
Produced by Sofia Coppola, Ross Katz
Love Actually
Produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Duncan Kenworthy

Actor In A Leading Role - Drama

Russell Crowe in Master and Commander: The Far Side Of the World
Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai
Ben Kingsley in House Of Sand and Fog
Jude Law in Cold Mountain
Sean Penn in Mystic River **** Winner:

Actor In A Leading Role - Musical Or Comedy

Jack Black in The School Of Rock
Johnny Depp in Pirates Of the Caribbean: The Curse Of the Black Pearl
Bill Murray in Lost In Translation**** Winner:
Jack Nicholson in Something's Gotta Give
Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa

Actress In A Leading Role - Drama

Cate Blanchett in Veronica Guerin
Scarlett Johansson in Girl With a Pearl Earring
Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain
Charlize Theron in Monster**** Winner: so stupid!!!
Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (Vol. 1)
Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen

Actress In A Leading Role - Musical Or Comedy

Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday
Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation****
Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give Winner: why???
Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun
Helen Mirren in Calendar Girls

Actor In A Supporting Role

Alec Baldwin in The Cooler
Albert Finney in Big Fish****
William H. Macy in Seabiscuit
Tim Robbins in Mystic River Winner: suprised by this one
Peter Sarsgaard in Shattered Glass
Ken Watanabe in The Last Samurai

Actress In A Supporting Role

Maria Bello in The Cooler
Patricia Clarkson in Pieces Of April
Hope Davis in American Splendor
Holly Hunter in Thirteen****
Renée Zellweger in Cold Mountain Winner: yeah Renee sucks ass who she sleeping with for theses awards


Sofia Coppola for Lost In Translation
Clint Eastwood for Mystic River
Peter Jackson for The Lord Of the Rings: The Return Of the King**** Winner:
Anthony Minghella for Cold Mountain
Peter Weir for Master and Commander: The Far Side Of the World


Cold Mountain
Written by Anthony Minghella
In America
Written by Jim Sheridan, Kirsten Sheridan, Naomi Sheridan
Lost In Translation
Written by Sofia Coppola Winner: ehh
Love Actually
Written by Richard Curtis
Mystic River
Written by Brian Helgeland ****

As For Tv bla bla bla i jsut spent a hour doing these im not gnana do the tv ones but Arested Devlopment shoudl win somthing and and 24 (Winner:) and Tony Shaloube but should and will win are so diffrnt but I'd rather wait for emmys

and incase you cnat figer it out **** is what i pick 4thawin

Wednesday, January 21, 2004




CAMDEN NJ, 08102



A Strange New World

Last night the Don & I discovered the Kumquat. Now we're not sure waht they taste like, though from what we've read we see they're citrusy. We plan on procuring some for further investigation. We'll report back with any findings. For the mean time we'll just obsess amongst ourselves about Kumquats and the pachachi.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Monday, January 19, 2004

Movie Advice

Go see Big Fish. It will make your heart smile and cry at the same time. It was stunning and beautiful and amazing.

Just some Stuff

1. The original 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon coming on DVD in April 2004 !!!!!!!

2. Disneys Gargoyles Cartoon first season will come ot dvd at the end of 04

3. Moblogs kick ass i wish i had a cell phone then id have one like Aya-etta does See the Coconetta Moblog!!

4. Quizno's SUCKS

5. Dear ladies in the card store it hurts when you stair at me as a giggle in the back of the sotre at the silly kid birthday cards

6. I have a nerd crush on shanti and i know its wrong

7. I want 6 times mroe oxygen in my eye why do contact weares get it and i dont

8. too cold to go outside too hot to stay insdie one day they will have perfect climate contol hopefully on mars

9. If you Giggle when the news says Caucus your not alone i not only laugh i slap my knee

10. make amercina idol stop

11. did i mention moblogs?

12. please bad stuff stop happing

13. David Cross Rules so much Hes recording another comedy Album

14. is it superbowl time yet? stupid football

15. okay this is the last one Caucus Caucus Caucus Caucus Caucus Caucus Caucus Caucus Caucus Caucus Caucus Caucus i cant get enough of this hot Cspan Caucus action theres 2 ladies cant get the phoen to work right haha i love it

woops i forgot Golden globes coming up im ganan put predictions but really these nominations suck butt

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Reality Check

My brother's best friend in the entire world died Thursday night in his sleep. They found him 15 hours later. No one that my brother knows has ever died, not a friends parent, not a friend, not a grandparent...nothing. Now, he has to be pallbearer for his 19 year old best friend. Our family is very, very close with theirs and everything is very confusing and scary right now. My mother is a wreck because she is scared for my brother. I am too. Lately he's been hanging with the wrong people, smoking a lot of pot, speeding in excess of 100+ mph on the highway and totaling his car. I hope this is his wake up call and not a push over the edge. I hope he can right himself before he destroys himself. I have never been more scared than I am right now. Im scared that my brother is next and I can't even start to think or type or talk about what the consequences of that would be.

Peggy, the boy's mother, is devastated and rightly so. She and my mom are very, very close and my mom just keeps crying and shaking because she doesn't know what to do to help Peggy in this time. I'm scared for everyone around me and I feel like I don't want to do anything because I don't want to lose any of the time I have left with everyone. I don't mean for this to sound dramatic and drama queeny, becuase its not meant like that. For the last month I have been having these thoughts and trying to push them aside and I can't and all my thoughts are so morbid and I keep just going out so I don't have to sit home and think about losing these people. I know I don't know what anyone goes through when something like this happens, becuase I've been fortunate to not have it happen to me, but it doens't make me less scared for you and scared to lose the people I love whether it be friends or family. I don't like seeing people I care about hurt and I dont like not being able to help. I dont want to push my way into your life to try and do what *I* think is gonna help you. What do I know? I've never been in your shoes, I couldn't even imagine if I tried.

The older I get the faster the time is going and the more people around me are starting to pass away. Is this what a life is about? Is life about watching all this time you could use to be effective wizz by you at some desk job and not taking advantage of it. Is it about not letting people close to your heart so it will hurt less when you lose them? No, of course its not, but to live the opposite way of that and let people in and try to not waste time is so scary. I want to let you all know (and you know who you are) that I love you all very much and I cherish you all as friends and people and though we all make each other nuts sometimes its what makes us a family.

R.I.P. John Bria 1.15.04

Friday, January 16, 2004

Its The Little Things...

That always seem to make me smile, like reading over a long email from someone or the anticipation of drinks and a night on the town with my girlies, a long hot bath with some good tunes crankin' and only candles to light the room, maybe even just snuggling with my kitties. I dunno I feel so at peace right now its amazing. My life has the potential to go in a million different directions and instead of being stressed like I used to get over "not knowing" I'm excited, just going with whatever happens to see what comes next. For the last 3 years I've been under this dilluded impression that I was supposed to be responsible and have this big office job that's gonna mean something. I have wasted so much time skipping out on adventures and being young because I thought I was being responsible. To hell with that. The only person I have any responsiblity to is myself so without further ado I'm gonna go out and be happy already. So, if you're along for the ride, cool if not, I hope our paths cross again someday and best of luck to you in the interim.

"Rember: Love is possible, anything is possible...this is New York" -c.b.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

I got Spit on for being a good Sam-Air-E-tan

So im walking down the brick path to the libary front doors theres a lady maybe 7 feet ahead
I hear her scream I need a quarter!!
I reach down into my trousers and pull out a shinny alabamma state qurater, you knwo the one wiht an image of Helen Keller
well anyways i walk inside and see the lady so i hand her a quarter and she goes did you get this from debbie and i go no im just being freindly and she goes oh thats okay and im like take it and she goes naa and im like come on lady its a free quarter

then i turn to the libarrian who is also my freinds mom and im liek alright where do i stick this book (i had to return it)
and she's liek in the slot
and she pointed down
i thought she ment her nani aka Wootchata™
anyways it was jsut the hole on the side of the desk then
i took my Shunned quarter and left with my head hanging lower then it was already

i feel shamed

Like my quarter had aids. what the F lady ! ! take the goddam quarter

last time i try to be nice to a strange gook

My grandpa fell backwards down the stairs but hes okay im sure he blames the polocks or democrats or jsut his Nerve disease

Dear Work,

The least you could have done was at least give us a delay. The roads are treacherous and otherwise shitty. No one is gonna come to the building to conduct business today and if they do I will pelt them with things. I hope you're happy that you've forced everyone to come in. If it continues to snow and you're not gonna let us out early you lose your cool status, even if you did work for the Gemini space program. Rar. This is not how we start the day.


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It's All Happening

Some pretty good times have been being had lately. Lots of fun people, lots of silly raps & greeting cards, some Mario Kart Double Dash (Toadetteandbabyluigi4thewin!), some beers, some party balls, some rounds of Kings all making for a great time. Sprinkle in some Stongbad emails and some cute boys and can you go wrong? I sumbit that you cannot.

My vegas trip has been postponed becuase of "outside" circumstances, but its all good in the hood, I'm either going to use my airline credit to go to Washington (the state not the district) to visit some friends or to go to Vegas with some other friends. I'm prolly going to end up going to Washington though, because that will require the least money (no airfare cost, no lodging cost, minimal food costs) where as Vegas will be much $$, not to mention I have to a) save for Eurpoe with Anna and b) start paying my debt off so I can quit my job at the end of August. Did you say quit your job? Right you are, Ken!

I have made a huge decision in my life. I am in the process of applying to The University Of Connecticut to go back to school full time as a day student and finish my bachelor's degree in English like I've always wanted to. My plan is to sell my car for something I can afford a lil more easily and work thru til the end of August paying off as much of my $10k debtload as possible so that I can take some measly part time Starbucks-y job and continue to live at home rent free and finally finish my degree. If I have to take student loans to do that, so be it, but I prioritized my life finally and finishing school is important to me, jerkin' off all night long at my community college isn't cutting it. So I ask over the next few weeks and months as I go thru the application process that you all keep your fingers and toes crossed for me that I am accepted again (I'm not applying for housing as its a commuter campus), but I will finally finish what I started in September, 1999, graduate from the University of CT. I should have been a member of the graduating class of May, 2003, but alas my one semester stint didn't help me accomplish that. I am older, wiser and ready to just do this already so I can and will get it done. The scariest thing in doing all of this is telling my mom. I dont want her to think I'm a disappointment. I know she will be happy I'm gonna go all the way and really finish school, but I can't handle a full time 8-4 job and then school on top of that. At this point in my life a degree is more important to me and I will do what it takes to get it, but while I can afford to take the "normal" route there (schooling full days and workign PT around that) I would like to.

This was all just kind of one giant brain fart, but thanks for reading. Go, Huskies!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

If a comercial has a internet site in it shouldn't that internet site have ot be real?

Dear Optimum Online and any other company that does this

you have Comercials about going to websites and getting info
in example hocky-checks.com Doesn't exist but you have a comercail about a man getting his Latest hocky info from it

or what about traffic index theres no traffic index

same with msn
where is this boy getting his stream line shark videos

isn't this false Advertiising

in a realted tale i liek the black guy who dances in the office to the rubber band man song

corection it might be a verison online comercail either or there jerk faces

Monday, January 12, 2004

Comment Mother Bitches

Theres been a dry spell of comments around blogs these days

are blogs infact so 03?

Wild On: The Grocery Store

Twan prompted the Don and I into discussing the following:
The things I would wanna do if I could have free reign to run around and do whatever the fuck I wanted to in a supermarket (empty or open)

Twan suggested:
1.) Tearing thru boxes of Oreo's with teeth only, no hands
2.) Rubbing Porkchops on my underarms
3.) Orange Juice Slip&Slides
4.) Spelling out words on the floor with Squeezable Jelly

I said:
1) Take all the lobsters out of the tank and snip off their bands so they could have "Lobster Fight Club"
2) Set up all the TP and Papertowels at the end of a aisle and go cart surfing into the squishy pile
3) Spray the floor down with pam or butter and slide around ala Risky Business
4) Create sculptures w. squeeze cheese and various assorted things that would stick toghether.
5) Create a giant people sized litterbox with the cat litter
6) Chopped meat sculpture

The Don adds:
1) Set up all the TP in the store and sit atop a giant castle to rule with an Iron 2ply Fist.
2)Take all the bubbleicious in the store and chew it and make the biggest gumwad ever
3) Tampons plus bottled water pluss rubber bands = Darts on the stores front glass dont need rubber bands really jsut a good toss
4)fill garbage can with pudding and then sit in it
5)New Ky with heated action slip and slide
6) chicken or turkey bowling wiht liters of milk set up as pins
7) mop sword fights
8) last is conveyor belt treadmill

Now we turn to you, our jungle friends...what would you do given free reign in the supermarket??

Sunday, January 11, 2004

In the Wizard of Oz
did you ever trust the tin man
i never did
dont let him fool you

Thursday, January 08, 2004

S T R E S S & Then Some Good Stuff

So today, the fabulous Twan and I were supposed to have a meetings all day and at lunch time we were supposed to give a presentation to the First Selectman (our name for our Mayor) about the project we've been working hardcore on. Alas, Twan has called out today, which is a little aggrivating. He has extenuating family issues, but I think he is prolly just gonna sleep all day. If he called out tomorrow, it wouldn't be so bad, but today's lunch meeting is what will be the worst. The other 2 I can handle no problem. I guess I should becareful going around saying "oh I don't mind the stress, I work best under pressure..."

Onto the okay stuff. Yesterday I became Hester Prynne for a brief moment in time. I ended up working it all out and it turns out that I was the only person who acutally got in trouble for anything, but I realized a) I haven't done anything wrong, so I'm in the clear, b) anyone in my position would have been treated the same by this person and c) I don't really give 2 shits what the person who's mad at me thinks as they've not got a leg to stand on as far as their argument goes. So yesterday at Kickboxing class I really went into "grudge-match" mode as Cory would say. I pretented to punch and kick and double kick this person in their woochata so much that it broke open like a pinata spilling its contents on the floor.

In light of all of the drama of yesterday certain situations have become a little less stressful/akward so thats kind of cool. A non dramatic Ruckus can be brought and everything will become "ruckusified" and thats cool. For the record: Bex makes rockin' chocolate chip cookies. Not only is she a master pup tent builder, but she's a cookie chef extrordinaire. Underworld is a pretty kick ass movie and certain people are just as klutzy as me. Its funny.

Finally, when something in your life is stressful and you're sick of talking yourself in circles about it and people start running their mouths too much, its delightful to employ the use of this delightful feature AIM has called 'block'....it truly makes life great.

That about does it for this entry. Make sure to check back on the 16th for my 1 Year Blogaversary and my State of the Diva Address. Catch ya on the flipside, childrens.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

(Tuesday on Bravo last episode 2 hours special at 8)

by the way
I Totaly madly love Celebrity Poker Showdown

Who knew watching people play for charitey woudl be so exciting ! ? Excluding the west wing episode casue once martin sheen was gone the show was uninteresting

anyone else watch it then jump up and down cause they can't control there excitement

so the only thing i know how to do wiht cards is go Fish and to make a card disspear and ask around when you see it disspear you go oh yeah thats amazing how you do that but i wont tell you unless your a girl then you jsut need to look at me funny and im drawing you detailed diagrams


Celebrity + Poker (texas holdum style) with a pinch of Showdown = KICKS ASS

I wish I didn't have to end and i wish Kevin Pollak was funny

I Belive the Anna Nicole Smith Trim Spa to be a LIE!!!

this will be sloppy but

since they show those damm comercials so much i have to complain

I dont belive the Trim Spa did anythign to Anna Nicole smith do to that she isn't on any talk shows just on flashy comercials and magizine Ads
Also her before and after looks the same

But if i am wrong and it did work then they will make BILLIONS

And thats my Theory

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

If you Had a Duck

What would you name it?
Woudl you change in front of your duck or would you be afaird of its criticism?

Monday, January 05, 2004

This is Why I Can't Have A Roomate

Even my kitties are disgusted with me by this mess. But in my defense: its the post christmas bomb of dirt that has been dropped on my room and i haven't been awake or home in like 2 weeks. Furthermore, there is order in all the chaos and it just proves I'm like a genius or something. When it comes to makin' a mess, I bring the motherfuckin' pain....
Dirty Room
Dirty Room 2
Dirty Room 3
Dirty Room 4
Dirty Room 5

We Were ment ot have Beards!

Why is shaving so hard?

i shave the ol face again and again and then i always miss a spot and ehh why go back and get the last part cause i wont submit to the will of the evil shaving industry
even if they gave me a free razor when i turned 18 that was nice of them but still EVIL

while im at it Western union Blows ASS

Never use it cause when somone sends you a western union check you cant cash it at any of the western union places
so the comercials are all LIES cause
my freind and i we went to 3 diffnt stores with western union boolth and they treated it liek it was the hiv

So Down with western union im staring Eastern union

and its 04 Register to vote heres a hint If you tell them your permintly dissbled they send you the write in ballot so you dont have ot go to those stinky poll places but then you dont get a I voted Sticker

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Woo Hoo!

Quoth the lovely Anna:
"This summer, New York City's most eligible bachelorette will join Greenwich's most eligible bachelorette on a trip to PARIS fuckin FRANCE.
This will be directly following our spring break trip to Las Vegas.

It's time to take action. I guess with all the hair and body stuff Ive done and now this, it's safe to say my mothers death has affected me in the sense that, hey, you only live once, and Im gunna do everything I want to do, Im gunna find a way, and Ive found a way to do this, so Gwen and I will make short stops in Italy, England, and Spain, and then vacation with bagettes, hot men and the Eifel Tower. "

This changes things...My new to do list:
1. Lose 20 lbs by April (thanks to kickboxing I can do it)
2. Go shopping for real binkis with Anna for Vegas.
3. Polish up on my french and spanish and try to learn Italian. I've got the important basics down for France and Spain (Voulez vous coucher avec moi? and Dame un beso), just need to learn something flirty in Italian.