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Diva & Co.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Doe's Anyone ANYBODY know when and where the Prince tour will be Coming to the Ny Area
why you ask hmmm maybe cuase Price freaking rules
knell before his purple girlish might
he can crush us all like soda cans
but hes so mighty he cna crush soup cans not small ones liek big ones big soup cans even Hi C Cans
he could take a Trash Can made of Steal and Kryptonite and bend it wiht his mind powers HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES BIATCHES

Thursday, February 26, 2004


So my Brother and I figered out how ot beat the system and were rolling in free Itunes songs heres the problem i cant chose any song it seams i alreayd have what i want its so hard to decided

soo im thinking i might give away songs i will take what pepsi and itunes gives to me and i will turn around and give it to you the people

jsut i dont have any contest ideas im thinking triva questions but damm internet peopel cna jsut look up the answers
or im thinking comic book sugestions or song sugestions

who knows

Free music is good oh yeah the secret to cheating is a Bjs membership 24 bottles for $15 bucks and then a small maglight flashlight and whamo winner winner winners its about 300 times faster then slanting the bottles and less embarissing so there i dont have ot give any awya people can jsut get 80 songs for them selfs to

i'd alsot lie kto add i think theres messages inthe codes some of my caps spell words liek pacy or like or el3v3n its weird and im on to it i think

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Comics Comics Comics

Lets chat about Comicbooks
cause I've been reradign alot of comics latley
and so write what you know

Anyone Read the New Batman/Superman Comics by Jeph Loeb ?
Its a Pretty Kick ass story
hmmmm me no good at talky talk but this Jeph Loeb guy is Hip

i think im goign to work on a oscars post now
But people comment on comics cause i want more!!
including graphic novels and look for more comic book posts inthe furture


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

$13.86 Class Action Suit

Anyone else get there fat check from Signing up for the http://www.musiccdsettlement.com thing a couple years ago??

im rolling in money now that i got this big shot check
im going ot cash it and spend it all on Comic Books and Itunes Pepsi

and sorry for no updates like anyone cares people jsut came for the diva never stared for the don

at least i got my Settlement check to comfort me
This one goes out to Lou where ever you are you sent me the link for the settlement in the first place

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

The Green Hornet

Miramax annouces Kevin Smith To Write and Direct a Movie Adaption to the Green Hornet so thats neat unless they use jakkie chan as Kato that would suck ass
but im excited
also it better be the hold trumpet song it would be okay if they funked it up but nothing can beat the hold tune

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Well childrens, its been a fun run, but I bid you all adieu. I've decided the internet is no longer the abounding happy playplace that it once was and so I leave this blog in the capable hands of the Don. Maybe I'll pop in from time to time to give y'all a guest post, but if you know where to look you'll prolly find me. Behave and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Happy Birthday to me

Friday, February 13, 2004

Yeah, About That

Dear ______ & ______,

So um, this is the part where I tell you to stop being losers at life and an otherwise malignant c's. I'm really starting to lose patience with the whole situation.

Go Away, Please,

The A B C's of A Diva
(Stolen From Diana)

Andrew, Saint. As in the namesake for the real Scottish Flag (that blue and white X, not the Royal Scottish Flag). Yes, definitley listing St. Andrew for my Scottish heritage and not for my crush on a boy with the same name....Riiiiiiiiight.

Burton Air 45. The snowboard I ride in the winter, although I'm contemplating switching to snowblades. After my deck gets repainted though I might get stoked to ride again.

Cats. I have six of them. They're all little darlings. (In order of girth and sheer magnitude they are: Milo, Shadow, Dallas, Paco, Rosie, Sonic.)

Deja. My real name. Contrary to the popular belief that its Gwen. How's that for a kicker. D is also for Dynamite, Diva, Delightful and a myriad of other adjectives that describe me. Yes, I'm also delerious.

England. Where my best friend, Molly Beth now lives, permanently. I hope to plan to visit her sometime soon.

Five Point System. I rate all guys on a five point system that could make them hot. The 5 points are as follows: good teeth, drives a manual car, plays hockey, has the "V" muscles and nice eyes. Currently we're running on a 4/5. Not too shabby.

G Gwen. What many of you know me as. The proper name Gwendolyn (which is not my full version of Gwen, I'm Gwenyth) means "the fairhaired one".

Hawaii. My favorite place to vacation. I've been there twice and it was totally amazing both times and I can't wait to go back one day. The surf the sun, the inevitable sunburn. Luaus. Its rockin'!

In Transition. The stage my life is in right now. So much is changing for me. Its kind of exciting.

Jack Russell Terrier. My favorite kind of dog. So cute. I want one, puhleeeeeeze! Also J is for June because I'm a June Baby (June 28th to be exact, I expect pressies!)

Kickboxing. My newest fad excercise. Its actually a lot of fun and I'm losing weight and acutally having fun *gasp* exercising!

Literature. My intended college major for when I start up again in the fall. I'm not sure if I'm going to focus my energies and studies on medieval literature or not yet. Thats my favorite kind though.

Maroon 5. My favorite band. Formerly known as Kara's Flowers. You better go listen to them. Now, damn it!

Nextel. My cellphone. Its bleepy and fabu. If only I could steal my brother's i730 then it woudl be sooooo perfect. (Insert wierd Gollum "my precious" impression here).

Odyssey, The. By Homer. My favorite book of all time probably...well, except mabye for the Divine Comedy. Seriously though, the Odyssey has it all, adventures, monsters, heroism, love. Don't be an ignoramus. Read it.

Piglet. Thats basically me. He's cute, lil, pink and has the best lil quotes like "Its hard to be brave when you're only a very small animal." So so cute.

Quotes. I love quotes. I have an entire book of quotes that I've collected over the years. They're good for inspiring you to jumpstart your life, or inspire a painting or a written piece. As of late my life has been filled with some pretty hysterical quotes thanks to Tim, Timmem, Ru, Gozar and Bill.

Rolling Rock. My latest beer of choice though, Magic Hat #9 is my favorite of all time.

Sushi & Sephora. My favorite food and my favorite store. If only there was a way to combine the two.....hmmmm. I'll have to get the institute to work on this.

Tattoos. I have 3 of them. I need one more but I want 2 more (to make 5 total). Its hard to stop gettign them once you've started. They're an addiction like crack.

UConn. My school! Woo. Awesome at 'hoops and just all around an awesome school. Go Huskies!

Valentine's Day. Wretch! I hate this day more than any other lame ass, corny, made up holiday. I hate chocolate, I hate stuffed animals and I generally don't like flowers (unless they're pink roses or those white ones tipped w. pink). This day and all it stands for is an abomination and I'd take a nice homecooked meal over a nite out in an overcrowded restaurant with the prices jacked up to 3x what they should be. So this year for Valentine's Day me and my Valentine are gonna snowboard and then head to Burger King where we'll don crowns and mock everyone else.

Westchester. Best.mall.ever. It has a Sephora, Nordstroms, Elizabeth Arden Spa. An apple store, J. Crew, Aldo, Steve Madden, Coach, BCBG and a million other great stores. Plus they have good sushi in the food court. Holllllaaaaaaaaaaa!

Xtreme. As in Most eXtreme Elimination Challenge. (or as Bex calls it: The Japanese Show Where People Swing From Corn). So great. I wanna be on it hardcore.

Yes! Only 1 more to go! (Sure this was a copout, but let's see you come up with something)

Zelda The Ocarina Of Time. Best video game ever. Even if it is for N64.

Wow, this was acutally a lot harder than it looks. I doubt anyone read this far, but if you did cool. You get a gold star for the day.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Happy Birthday, Jon

Happy Birthday, Jon. It seems like just yesterday we rode the train home togteher from the Halloween Bar crawl. We've had our ups and downs as friends, but I'm glad that we can still talk. I'm so happy for you for all the good things that have come to you as of late, you definitley deserve them. I hope your birthday is filled with heinies and hineys (c: I also ordered you a new, shiny titanium hip seeing as you're now 28 (wow, thats almost 30, you old goat!) in case your current one gets too brittle. I keed, I keed. Anyhow: hugs and have a great birthday, hun!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Dear Everyone in Internet land

Theres a Aim Ad bot thing going around where peoples Instant messager get hijacked and this message is sent out

" XXX: check this out: http://www.wgutv.com/osama_capture.php?dVRv "


The link says look see this news broadcast of Osama binladin but you need to install there softwere to see it DONT always click no

Now if you already have it then people are Iming you going "hey the link you sent didn't work" or they are saying "whats this link"
Heres how to Get Rid of it Go here http://www.wgutv.com/terms.html it is the priavacy statment for the program It tells you how to remove it

You should then go and DL Spy bot search and destroy
be Clean be safe be smart tell others about this is all over the joint

All Rested Up

Sleeping from 4:30p.m. until 6:30 a.m. is where its at. I feel like a million bucks!

I had a pretty great weekend this weekend. It started Friday night with a yummy dinner at Boxcar Cantina and then we all headed over to the Apartment where we watched Wargames (OMG! Bill, there is a Pterodactyl in ths movie!!!). Matthew Broderick got really hot between WarGames and Ferris Bueller. Thank God for some things, I suppose. I wasn't really in the mood to drink and a shot of Black Haus didn't really help the cause. I called it kind of an early night and hit the hay.

Saturday was nice to sleep in without waking up feeling sick. Ru and I went to lunch at Applebees and then to Chez Target. I managed to get out of the store a) only spending $25 and b) not purchasing anything for myself. It was a miracle if I do say so. If you ever wanna buy funny birthday cards Target is defintiley the place to do that. I finally picked up my board from Princeton and its nice and sharp and waxy and tuned so that was exciting. I have been running ideas thru my head as to how I want to have the top of the deck painted b/c I'm too cheap to buy a new ride so I'm gonna just continue to use this one. I ran home for dinner and some hella yummy cake for my grampy's birthday (he's so smooshy and spry for someone who's 77). Later that night we got everyone together and watched the NHL AllStar Game Skills Competition which was very entertaining. (Is it just me or is Martin St.Louis freakin' beautiful?!?!) Bex got slaughtered in Madden (106 to 14 at the half?!?!), went out to Turtle for some drinking (well, a lot of drinking) and some drama. I came face to face with PeterPan. She didn't stab my eyeballs out, but we've agreed that we don't like each other, have said it to one another and we are going to be civil in public because we have many mutual friends. I can't wait for April when she'll finally have moved away. Anyhow, there was more drama because Ashley showed up and that was a little ridiculous, but I finally got to drink with the lovely and always insane Twan, gave some lapdances to Bex, yelled at Tim to stop talking to my mom and though I may have gotten the beer tears a lil, I didn't yak, so woo for me for holding my booze! To bed at 5 a.m., not a bad nite.

Sunday morning: not pretty. Not dehydrated, but REALLY bad headache. Me, Ru, Bex and Tim went to the Greenwich Diner where we saw the evil greaseface from high school with her other nasty friend. They ended up asking Bex 'who are you (as we'd seen them out last weekend) and she goes "you ex boyfriend's new girlfreind" (though she's not). It was mad funny, she's a champ, that girl. After that we went to KayBee Toys and contemplated buying a McFlurry machine and a witch's hat. We used our better judgement and passed on both though. We watched the actual all star game on sunday afternoon which was exciting. I ate some dinner and then Bex and I headed out to the boy's game. They were winning 4 to 3 with 20 seconds left in the game (thanks to 2 goals by Tim and some awesome saves by Ru) and then the other team tied it up. Bex and I were unsure as to what would come next. Would they leave it as a draw because it wasn't playoffs yet? No, that wouldn't be nervewracking enough for me and Becki. Instead it was a frickin' shootout. This is VERY stressful to watch when your there cheering people on! Ru made 4 good saves and they finally got one in on him, but then it was Tim's turn to answer with his shot and he scored too (for a hat-trick I might add!). Ru made another great save and the next guy up on the Rink Rats (the boy's team) made it in. They won 6-5. Wooo! Bex and I went on a mission for cheeseballs and orange cupcakes which brought us all across P.C. with no luck. We finally settled on a snackmix and some twinkees and BK for us. Back to the Apt. for the end of the ProBowl and some more Madden and before I knew it it was 1 a.m. and I headed home. All in all, pretty awesome weekend, just wish I had more time to sleep.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

i dont wanna be old

side note
Why do people in philly say "joon" or "Joan" all the time instead of Cool

Seeing Red Again....

Guess whos back? Red headed diva! In all fairness to me: I have slept for about 8 hours collectively out of the last 72 hours so thats why I'm looking a lil ragged in the face. Other than that enjoy. Then there is me in my spiffy new roxy hat (which isn't as new as the red hair) **edit: I'm a genius b.c you can't even see how hardcore my hat is, but whateva!**

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Friday, February 06, 2004


Woo, good news update, kiddies! Even though UConn "kicked me out" way back when in December, 1999 I am still considered a student there. So I don't have to apply for admission, I just have to get reinstated. I have to fill out a form and tell them what I've been doing for the last few years. There is one small catch still, but I think I have that covered as well. Keep your fingers and toes and paws crossed, please! Weeeee!

Thursday, February 05, 2004


PeterPan says she "fucking hates me and is gonna stab my fucking eyes out". I say "ha ha! I got your man, Roast Beef!!". I'm not going to fight you because that is sad and silly and not worth my time (besides I'm a kickboxing champion) In conclusion:

Diva: 1
P.Pan: 0

P.S. I look pretty hot for a chick with a hook, if I do say so myself.

Totally Insane

Okay so since Monday I have:
been sick with a stomach virus
gotten a call from JoePoo (eeew)
saw my dad (double eew plus panic attack)
gotten a call from Ashley who wants to be friends and hang out again
started taking Cipro like I have the 'thrax
missed 3 days of work
got to watch Ellen those 3 days
read the Inferno and the Iliad
seen Mike Richter retire

I need to get out I'm going stir crazy! (mmmm....Stir Crazy)

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

12 days

12 days till My Brithday im just smakeing yall wiht a big Reminder Fishslap in the face

Tuesday, February 03, 2004


I love my kittie, Sonic. She's so great, she takes care of me when I'm sick and she's cute and tiny and only has one lung and is named after Sonic Youth because she's cool like Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore.

Monday, February 02, 2004

I had my own pic of it but damm photo shop died so we woudl be the onws getitng hte made hits for Janet Jacksons Super bowl Boob

Its Hunting Season

Lets kill this furry lil bastid. Six more weeks of wintery weather...To Quote the Don "Pffffffffffft!"