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Diva & Co.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Air America Starts At Noon!!

anyone else as excited?
1190 am in NewYork
thats all i got today

p.s. Bring back Classic Google

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Exploring the Blogosphere

Gary's post the other day about the "Six Degrees of a Blogger Nation" got me thinking. If you look on my sidebar and my links to other blogs its an interesting mix of people. Most of these people are people I know...they're other whiny twenty-somethings like me, just trying to figure out what the hell is going on in their lives.

Some, like Liz are using their blogs as a journal for personal reflection and to get people on board with their cause. (Liz and Gary, by the way, are both participating in the Avon Walk to raise money and awareness about breast cancer, go check out their sites and donate, you'll feel warm and fuzzy inside). Cacoa, isn't even from the U.S., we're not of the same ethnic or even religious background and still I feel like I can relate to her on a lot of levels. She's in the midst of a time of self discovery and sorting through everything and I'm not sure precisely what it is, but something about that really strikes a chord with me.

There are M.W.B (mom's who blog), like Tina, Judy and Becca, sometimes they talk about their kids, most of the time though, they're just awesome, witty people. (Not that kids don't make you awesome).

I've got my Ron & Fez friends, my girlie my girlie: Anna, some awesome chicks like Petrina, Sabrina, Diana, Heather and Shanti whose sarcasm and sense of humor will make you die laughing.

There are blogs I stumbled upon through reading other people's blogs like MadPony, Kzug, LameKing, and Completing the Square. Perhaps most interesting of all of these though is Autopsy Report, the blog of a medical student doing their summer internship at the morgue. Its really interesting, but creepy at the same time.

Most of the blogs I've come across though are because of the one and only, the legend: The Boz. Boz is from Michigan, I've never met him, I do like his moustache, he cracks me up and I enjoy his nonsense. Plus, he was one of the first non "friend" people to leave a comment on my blog, so for that, he gets the points, plus he's a June baby and made me angel of the month for June too. Through Boz, I found Jonnie the roaming gnome of the blog world. He's lived in Vegas, Alaska, California, he knows a schizophrenic McGuyver and he's cute to boot.

Its funny though I don't know half of these people, I've become obsessed with the inconsequential details of their lives. I look forward every day to reading about what's going on with them or what they've got to rant about. Its exciting. In reading I've seen one blogger get married in a secret ceremony of sorts, two people fall in love in Manhattan (though neither is from there), a cat have a cancer scare, and a myriad of other triumphs and tradgedies. Who says nothing on the internet is real? Who thought it was possible to find people so scattered and whose lives are so different that you can still relate to? The little blogospher is a pretty damn cool place if I do say so myself.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Weekend Recap

It was a good weekend. I went to Toys 'R Us with Andrew while waiting for our dinner from the Outback to be cooked. I stumbled upon the GREATEST thing ever: a new Rainbow Brite doll! and it even came with her sprite, Twink. Now all I wan to get is Starlite so I can be seven years old again. Rainbow brite is my all time favorite 80's thing ever, so needless to say I was super stoked. We went and saw Jersey Girl and as I previously mentioned in the Don's comments, it was really good. You all should definitely get out to check it out.

Saturday we went to the car wash and to Costo for chorish stuff we had to get done, and then we met up with Billy to go to lunch at Applebee's, which was yummy and since it was such a beautiful day we met up with Bex and all cruised around in Bill's mom's convertible. It was a lot of fun, except for Bex's death-defying attempting to climb into the front seat with me while we're on the highway and she only weighs 3 lbs. and will get blown away. After we watched UConn make their way to the Final Four, Andrew decided to cook dinner. It was yummy steak and biscuits (muffins, whatever) and rice and string beans. Lemme tell ya, the boy can cook. Certainly cooks better than me, but to be fair even a retarded chimp with glaucoma and one arm could cook better than me. Ice cream was gotten with Todd and Melissa and then we all came back to the apartment and watched Event Horizon. I was a little disappointed. I remember seeing the movie when it first came out in theatres and being scared poopless. Not so much that its scary, but the concept of it is fucked up. Execution of said concept was pretty poor though. I just liked it because at the time I was crushin' hardcore on Jack Noseworthy who had recently ended his stint on MTV's Dead at 21. (Okay, I know it wasn't a good show, but gimme a break, he was hawt!) After only seeing the Alien Quadrilogy for the first time in December 2003 I've come to realize that almost every space movie has ripped it off in some way shape or form, be it sets, plotlines, etc.

Sunday I headed home and got girlie with my mom and grandma as we got our manicures and pedicures and I visited the spa for a quick trip. I finally managed to almost entirely clean my room (all i have left to do is take out trash and make the bed, hollaaaaaa!) I ate a totally yummy dinner with my family and then went to watch Andrew in action in his hockey game. He did a great job and his team plays really well together. I have to tell ya: shut-outs are pretty sexy. (c:

I hope all of you enjoyed your weekends as well. Hopefully I'll get some pics of how hardcore Rainbow Brite is! Peace out, kids!

Dear Sopranos You are A Sham

There no way a big car heist coudl happen in Ringwood like that

if any of oyu saw Sopranos you would of see nthis big wacky crazy car heist at a jewish wedding
well its a dirty filthy sham
i though they were all about the oh look its Nj this is what could happen
but no the dirty damm show went and hacked it up

pluss its really ennooying to get a billiom messages from other people in town giggleing over a near mentions of a town they all claim to hate in the first place

any who along wiht Sopranos the sham GOOGLE YOU MOTHER F-er Why did you change has anyone else noticed they changed google today and i hate it make google go back to looking like Google

Friday, March 26, 2004

Funk That

Question: Why is it that whenever you pass someone in the hall at work even if you've said hi to them six other times that day you still have to have this akward "hi" moment? Man...FUNK THAT!

Why I love the Kevin
Click and Read that its Beautiful then go see Jersey Girl and someone Take me

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Stranded for a Moment on the Ocean of Osyrus

I feel like a lame duck. No, not that lame duck. I mean I know I am leaving this job to go to back to school, but I haven't told them yet, and I haven't gotten the entire ball of wax rollin' on the whole scheduling thing for work so I feel sort of stuck here. I'm not motivated to do much here, because I know come July 1st (yes, I pushed up the date) I'll be outta here, but at the same time I'm so bored that I feel obligated to at least do something.

In a weird way I feel like I'm falling into some sort of a rut, I'm not sure if its good or bad, but my life seems to be the same thing everyday now: wake up at 6:30, drive home, shower, work, track with Billy, go home, shower and possibly eat at home, go to the boy's apartment, rinse and repeat. Its fun and all, but I definitley think its gonna result in me ending up lazy and fat again. Maybe its just because I'm getting a little stir crazy and I need to be out and about come spring. Maybe I need to hang out with some of my other friends every once in a while. Well, I do see Adam weekly, but everyone else is left behind. Who knows.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Gee, Thanks

People in my office have taken to playing Emma for me (yes, very much like the Kool-Aid Man has done for Doogie). I walk in this morning, barely 8 o'clock, I haven't even had my first cup of coffee. Anne, the office manager, comes up to me and says "I have a personal question for you."

Instantly I panick and start to wonder what on earth it could be. "Uh, yes?"

"Are you seeing anyone? Becuase you know I have this friend whose son would be perfect for you. He's really smart and funny and oh, he's good looking. I told him all about you last night, he's looking forward to meeting you."

"Well, I'm seeing someone. Almost 2 months now. He's really great."


Last week one of my mother's friends who works here tried to set me up with one of the building maintenance guys. He's really nice and kind of cute, but where you all of you people in December when I was single?

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Woah, Isn't That Random

Okay so I'm in the shower this morning and I randomly start humming this weird song. I don't know where I know it from and so it really starts annoying me. I google some of the lyrics and it turns out its an old slave song and then I start to remember this one time when I was in either 3rd or 4th grade that I had to do this weird project.

My mom brings me to school on a Saturday and there are just about 15 of us kids sitting around. They read us a book called Follow The Drinking Gourd. Its a book about the Underground Railroad. Then they teach us this song and we have to sing it and the whole time its being filmed. At the end of the singing and dancing they bring us into a room and they give us some Martinelli's Apple Juice (I remember because they have a cool lil jug) and some of those Danish butter cookies. After all of this we are asked questions about what we thought about the story and about some of the other books they had there for us to look at. That is all I can really remember. Upon questioning my mom about this she told me it was for some educational video, she has no copy of it (I'd love to see it and if I can ever find it I'll try and upload clips of a little 8 or 9 year old me probably in sweat pants with my red Sally-Jesse Raphael glasses on) but thought it sounded like a "fun" thing to do.

I wonder what the hell made me think of that this morning. I should probably stop hitting the crackpipe so hard before bed.

Monday, March 22, 2004


What an awesome weekend. This weekend was Andrew's birthday weekend and even though it wasn't my birthday I still had an amazing time. Friday was a lot of fun. I got my hair done red again (with some blonde streaks...photos may be coming later) and afterwards met up with Bill, Jim, Todd and Andrew for a yummy lunch at Sundown Saloon. Back to the apartment for a quick nap and then it was time to start drinking. My brother made a guest appearance and showed me some interesting things about forestry and then I was set. My cousin, Melissa (aka Dana, aka Scheisty), showed up and we drank together as well. Everyone who showed up to the house brought Andrew some beer (so needless to say they're all set with beer for a week or so). We were even lucky enough to have a Twan sighting.

Saturday was relatively uneventful during the day. Vicki, Andrew and I watched The Game. I've realized just how annoying it is to watch a movie on regular television. I missed like huge chunks of the plot and I saw the same three commercials at every commercial break. Rar. It sucked. Anyhow, Saturday evening we headed out to the Island for dinner with Andrew's family. His brother cooked an AWESOME meal and I was so, so stuffed. We headed back to Westchester thinking that a bunch of his hockey friends were coming over to drink only to find the apartment deserted. I'm sure the neighbors were happy that it was acutally quiet there for one night, but whatever. Rather than sit around and waste the night we decided to take in a movie and headed to the Greenwich movie theatre to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was a really amazing movie and it far surpassed my expectations. Well, honestly I don't know that I had any expectations going into it, but it was just really incredible and I defintiley reccommend you guys check it out. I'm definitley going to be going back to see it a second time.

Sunday was Ru's acutal birthday and we went into the city to celebrate and so he could spend his birthday money. We headed to Toys R Us in Times Square to see what coolness was contained therein. I ended up picking up a new My Little Pony for myself. She's very pretty with pink, purple and blue hair. <3 her! Then we went to the Virgin Megastore where I picked up the new Get Up Kids cd and a few good books. In all of this spending Andrew didn't buy a single thing, nothing really piqued his interest. We had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. which is among the newest theme restaurants in Times Square. The food was acutally really, really good and VERY filling. Finally it was time for the best part of the day...we went to the American Museum of Natural History to look at the dinosaurs, and it ROCKED. We also checked out the gems and minerals (yes, I'm a huge nerd, whatever) and browsed the gift shop. Good times indeed. We headed home, watched Sopranos and vegged out the rest of the night. All in all a pretty good weekend if I do say so myself. Hope you all had as good a time as I did this weekend.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

! ! Zombie Beat Jesus ! !

Here Comes Jersey Girl number 1 spot at the Box Office

Friday, March 19, 2004

Dancing Condom

While googleing Experation date i found this Dancing Condom enjoy all
or read why its dancing HERE

ReElect me and All the Babie Meat You can Eat

Ad Paid for by the Republican Baby Eaters of America ®


Well kids, its Friday. Time again for me to post more useless nonsense here on my blog.

In cool news Sabrina's Vagina has answered my question. I feel so cool! The rockin' part is: her vagina was nice to me, w00t w00t!

In odd news (and yes, I stole this from The Unlucky Guy) the following seaches have brought people to my blog:

"don diva"
"peel offs vertical happy birthday"
"dapper don"
"don and the diva"
"dynamite diva"
"partly cloudy patriot track listing"
"quotes by guster & dispatch"
"scottish flag tattoos" (I don't have one, but I need one final tatoo and that sounds f-ing badass!)
"cute lil quotes" (spelled lil, like I usually spell it)
"burton air snowboard"

I wonder what else will bring people here. Gary seems to get some crazy, nutty dirty searches to his blog, I'm waiting for those to come here so I can laugh.

Again, I said it yesterday, but in case you didn't hear me the first time: go listen to Pat McGuire...go, NOW! Well not right now, 'cause I'm still writing, but after you're done reading this.

Tonight is Andrew's birthday party at the house. It shoudl be a good time. We're all gonna get crazy snotted (that seems to be the theme for this week) hopefully I will not end up booting this time like I did last weekend. His birthday present still hasn't arrived which is really annoying, but he'll have to deal, 'cause its so awesome and he'll love it and its funny 'cause he still has absolutely NO clue what it is.

I have really not been even remotely entertaining in weeks. I suck. Sorry, childrens. For those of you from a strange place you might remember my "Into the Diva's Toybox" thread. A new one of those is in the works and will be hopefully as entertaining as it was last time. And we're planning a safari into the filthy, smelly bedroom of an almost twenty-something boy (namely my stoney cheeba-monkey brother). If you guys have anything you'd like investigated that a) wont put me in too much eminent danger, b) doesn't involve feces or c) wouldn't be too expensive to experiment let me know and I'll start a weekly post with the findings of my investigations. (Think Geraldo exposes only twice as seedy and trashy).

I'm out, catch you all on the flipside!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

You're So Beautiful

Of all the things I wanted in my life,
You're so damn mystical.
I lie in bed at night in your arms
The thoughts I have they're criminal.
The way you touch my hand
It makes me smile,
You make me feel so beautiful.
And when I see the loving in your eyes
I know its more than physical.
Wherever time may take you
In your life
Remember this was beautiful.
You're so beautiful, you're so beautiful yeah, yeah.
When I wake up in the morning
Wake up in the night
I know everything's gonna be all right.
No matter where I go
No matter what I do
All I want is to be with you
All I want is to be with you
'Cause you're so beautiful.
You're so beautiful
You're so beautiful - Pat McGuire

Go buy the Pat McGuire CD. Its so goddamned good youll be doing yourself a favor.

Since this worked out well last time
My Crazy Letter intended for AMC

Subject: Quation/Comments for Guber and Bart about video game industry

Its offencive for you to say Video Games is Shlock - have you evne played a game in the past 8 years - it was liek a generlization where in all things theres crap and gold

Dear Mr Guber and Bart

You brang up final fantasy witch doesnt represent final fantasy at all the real final fantasy is more like lord of the rings the mistake there wasnt makeing a the movie but the choice of story
if you had time or energy to play one of the final fantasy games you would know its cahlk full of action adventure and drama and what keeps one to play is the story

Video game movies are alwyas rushed out cause no one cares abotu the story so the peopel who do care get fucked over by the stupid movie studio just slapping peices of ham together

Tomb Raider the first movie didnt sell cause of tomb raider it sold casue of Angline Joelie the first movie sucked ass thats why no one wanted to go back

A good Video game movie is forever going to be hard cause too many times the director or writer or who ever trys to put parts of game play into the movie when if they woudl jsut use the story they woudl have a good thing of its own

in conclusion There is story in video games and the most popular games are about the story Exculding grand theft auto casue who doenst like to kill hookers

its Fantasy , its like comic books , They need Special effects witch is the sad truth about comics and video games cause then they have ot be controlled by the big bissness and not in contoll of anyoen who cares or belives in the story
the video games industry mixing will not be in the theators , but will be and its alreayd seen that it is with making orignle stories and cut scens to apear in the games and people will buy that , cause playing a 40 hour video game feels alot more worth it then seeing a hour 40 minet of stories with no heart

Maybe they should just make Cartoon series based on games i wish they woudl just make cartoons of comic books. maybe my point should be that movie companies should telivison they would save and problem make more money

p.s. i love the show could you push it back a half hour so i can watch the second half of meet the press but untill you do ill jsut keep tivoing meet the press and watching you

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy Pretend-You're-Irish-To-Conceal-the-Fact-That-You're-Looking-For-An-Excuse-To-Binge-Drink-On-A-Weekday Day!

Thats right, I have no shame about it. Today is a Wednesday and I'm going out and getting snotted tonight and I'll be hung over at work tomorrow as well, but you know what?!? I dont care! I only have computer training for work tomorrow for a computer program that I don't even have access to and yet my job is paying $250 for me to sit there for half a day and listen to some guy talk. (Glad to see your tax dollars hard at work, eh?)

I need a nap and I need UConn to come out with the summer schedule so I can start figuring out a) how the HELL I'm gonna pay for this and b) what the heck classes I'm going to be taking this summer. I should probably get my lazy ass over there to speak to an acutal person instead of trying to figure it all out myself and be misinformed, but since when have I done anything the intelligent way?

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

2 Months Later

Sunday would have been John's 20th birthday, but instead today is 2 Months to the day of John's death and the newspaper prints the finding of his toxicology report. He died of cocaine and heroin toxicity. He fucking overdosed on heroin and coke. We all spent all these last few months trying to rack our brains on how he could have done this. How he was supposed to be helping his other friend kick his heroin habbit and he himself was doing it. Tonight is not going to be easy at home.

This jsut in David Cross's next Comedy Cd Comes out May 4th

Monday, March 15, 2004

MY Crazy Letter Intended to be sent to Entertainment Weekly
need someone to Edit and put in punctuation so I can E-mail this to Entertainment Weekly

I just spent a hour reading and re reading the article about 25 Funniest people in America because I was baffled Where is David Cross?
I mean come on Have you heard is Grammy nominated comedy album "shut up your fucking baby?" Have you Bought the Mr Show Dvds
do you watch Arrested Development
He should be on the list not in the end but way up there defiantly above Dave Chapelle alot of things should be above Dave chapelle on this list sure hes funny but come on not above 17 in the Fusnniest peoeple in America

Also Why is Maya Rudolph on your list I think you were forced to put her on cause you needed another girl comedian to even it out but 1 shes a woman of color? what color? and 2 Just last week you named Amy Poehler as the number 1 must see list shouldn't you have named Amy instead of Maya? not to mention how the hell is Sarah Silverman so low on the list her and Jack Black both Mr Show connected wheres the Cross

Even Put Mr Show As a whole Look at there Record being Connected to almost everything
not to mention Cross and Odenkirks Emmy award winning Work on The Ben Stiller Show Witch you don't even Bring up Ben stiller show on him self you slap him with Owen Wilson who is damn funny to

No body probably reads this

Your Lists in your magazine are always so annoying its like you slapped them together in a after noon then go home early
like come on I respect and like reading Ew every week I spend a good couple hours going threw it mostly on the toilet okay I poop alto that's not important
And I know you put Kelly Ripa as 25.5 at the end just to be dick heads cause you know you'd get mail for it

this is my first time writing to Ew I love the mail section of Ew its a must read part also one of the funniest cause when people write in and thank you for writing those have to be fake okay
With love - ***** Ringwood , Nj

Thank You, Dunkin' Donuts

Your new cups with the sippy lids really rock my socks off. It makes transporting my tasty medium french vanilla, light and sweet with milk (not cream) a treat. I also like drinking from it. I wish more cups would hop on the sippy lid bandwagon. Your cups are superior to Starbucks', because not only are you killing the environment with the styrofoam, but I can still close it with the neato cup fastener unlike your competitor who shoots hot magma coffee out around turns and bumps. Thank you for making my day and thank you again for firing the idiot redhead woman who always messed up my order. That was swell of you.

You've GOT To Be Kidding Me
(Alternate Title: The Insensitive Bitch Lives to Rant Again)

Okay,so many of you readers who've been around for any length of time I'm sure are familiar with wheelchair guy and the stories of his fetid stench, disgusting fingernail clippings and gross food habits. Today a new annoyance is born. He has taken to bringing in a cassette tape and listening to it loudly at his desk. Ordinarily this would annoy me a) because its rude to have your personal music loud to the point where its interfering with people's work and phone calls, but it gets worse. Oh yes, worse my friends. You see this tape is some evil creation he mixed himself consisting of all Spanish music ranging from salsa, to a Spanish Kenny-G to the worst thing that you could possibly hear all day long on loop: The Spanish Version of the Macarena. Yes, the macarena. Apparently no one got the memo that its not 1997 anymore and the macarena is still not cool. For the better part of the last two hours I've been hearing this crap and to make things worse: he's taken to singing along with it.

Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bitch and everyone in my office is complaining about it, but I don't like confrontations, so I suffer in silence as the tape gets flipped and the Latino goodness starts anew. 92 days and counting 'til I'm out of here. Start hedging your bets as to whether or not I'll make it. I've got my money on me snapping or trying to get fired before my time comes.

Happy Monday, childrens.

Friday, March 12, 2004


Threat to the world is greater than terrorism
Catchy Title aint it (Im Talking bout Todd)

Dear Todd Phillips Director of such hits as Road Trip and Old School

.................please stop
why you ask
Okay we all get it you made a silly funny Starsky & Hutch thats done oyu did it you took a old show fomr the 70s and made i a silly movie today

and WHY DO IT TO the 6 Million Dollar Man??????????????
why why why why why why why why

yours truely - Joseph Edward Reiner

No, no, no...not Again

Since Monday I haven't slept more than an hour at a time with out being restless and worried for hours in between. I don't know what's wrong. To me, nothing *seems* wrong. I'm very happy righ tnow, I love my friends, I love the situations I'm in right now (with the exception of my job, but even that is manageable). For the last few days I've had this weird sense of impending panic. I tried to be extra silly this week and kind of laugh it off, in hopes that I'd forget that I'm feeling nutty again.

Last nite I laid in bed, sweating and awake, I'd doze off feeling that maybe 3 or four hours had passed...It was only half an hour. I've laid in my bed for days this week after I was done running with Billy just thinking and thinking not even about anything. Not even about anything coherent or sensical. Just wheels spinning constantly. I feel like I'm losing my mind again and I'm scared. This morning in the shower I had a panic attack. I started to shake and become short of breath. I thought I was freezing so I turned the water up as hot as it could go and as it came down, burning, I stood beneath it and shivered and tried to breathe.

I don't want to go back on my Paxil. I don't need it. I feel shitty all day today, my thoughts are scattered. I'm physically here, mentally who knows. I thought I was okay.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Its Official...

I'm officially a full fledged government employee. I had a customer at my counter who I saw out of the corner of my eye (well I saw that there was someone there) and I contintued to stare with eyes glazed over at people's blogs for about 3 minutes before I acknowledged she was there. I acutally had the audacity to say with a straight face "Oh, I'm sorry I was ignoring you, I thought you were someone who worked here."

I think Murder needs a silent P infront of it

So backwards it would be Red Rump


Happy Birthday, Gary-O, you old washed up pornstar, you!

The Soundtrack of Life
(Yes, some of you have already seen this)

How many days and moments have you passed on your journey through life? How many things did you swear that while they were happening you'd never forget them? How many of those things do you actually remember now? The synaptic pathways in your brain may not always allow you to recall offhand just what happened or why it was so damn significant, but there is one ever evolving, ever present, common thread in all of our lives that can bring any of us to those places that our neurons have seemed to forgotten the way to.

Each of us has a soundtrack to our lives, whether we're conscious of it or not, there are songs and artists and entire albums that shape each of these experiences. Experiences that some of us may have chalked up as lost, things we might have wanted to hold on to, to keep close to our hearts because as those brief minutes of that song passed us by we were living moments of pure unadulterated emotion. So pure, so joyous or so painful, so real and tangible to us in those moments that no matter how much it crippled our hearts and our being we just didn't want to let it go. Raw emotion like that is so over-hyped today and yet, so fleeting.

Sometimes we hear just a few chords to a song from our soundtrack and the timbre rises loudly in our ears. All our other senses cease and we're back in those moments. Feeling the weather, feeling the pangs of emotion, smelling the air from that exact second that we've captured forever and we dive in and find ourselves awash in a sea of memories we thought were forgotten, our hearts reeling as we try to decide how we’re going to hold onto them this time.

If someone asked me to give a track listing to the soundtrack of my life I'm not sure what I'd list on it. I'd like to think that my songs and my life would be an entire playlist on an ipod capable of being shuffled and repeated, more vast than a brief twenty songs stuck forever in a predetermined order by a C.E.O. at a record label. Songs that while they're reminiscent of a scene in my own life aren't tainted by the cliches of a studio movie plot. Everyday as I add another song to my collection I have this inherent need to replay and revisit those old songs. Just to linger a few moments in what once was and how I got where I am now from there.

I won't tell you why I've chosen what I've chosen and who knows some of these songs might be on your soundtrack as well, but these are some of mine and each of them is so much more to me than notes and lyrics, they're moments gone but not forgotten.
The Refreshments "Banditos"
Any Beastie Boys track
Debbie Gibson "Electric Youth"
Etta James "At Last"
Third Eye Blind "Motorcycle Drive-by"
Jackson 5 "I Want You Back"
Phish "Guelah Papyrus"
Any Dave Matthews Band track from "Recently", "Remember 2 Things", "Under the Table and Dreaming", "Crash" or "Before These Crowded Streets"
The Offspring "Self Esteem"
Lucas "Lucas With The Lid Off"
WuTang "Triumph"
Green Day "Good Riddance"
Any Maroon 5 track
Eminem "The Way I Am"
Indigo Girls "The Wood Song"
Mariah Carey "Heartbreaker" and "Breakdown"
The Roots "You Got Me"
Grateful Dead "Cats Under The Stars"
311 "Love Song" (Yes, I know it’s a Cure cover)
The Get-Up Kids "Mass Pike"
The Used "The Taste of Ink"
Blues Traveler "Hook"
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog "Lick Myself"
Fuel "Shimmer"
Vertical Horizon "Everything You Want"
R.E.M. "Nightswimming"
Stevie Wonder "Signed, sealed, delivered"

There are a million more, but I only wanted to offer you all a smattering of what'd be on mine and maybe if you'd like to leave some of yours in the comments, I have some free iTunes songs and I'm looking for suggestions on what to choose.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Finally, The DIVA Has Come Back To This Blog

I'm back, bitches. After a 3 week vacation because of some Nazi's in the IT Department at work, I've come back with a vengance. Be on the lookout for a facelift in the near future as well.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Sarah Vowell I love you

Dear Sarah Vowell

After completing The Chapter "The Nerd Voice" in your book "The Partly Cloudy Patriot" I have Decided I am in love with you. I don't just have the book I also have the Book on Cd, It's even more better when you read along with me its kinda Romantical even
Your way of bringing up The Revenge of the Nerds movies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer all in the same chapter it cause my heart to flutter. I do realize your 34 and i'm only 20 but whats age between love (unless its a creepy 28 year old boy with a 16 year old girl or and other crazy age difference with older boys and younger girls that's fucked up) but I now intend to get both your books "Take the Cannoli : Stories From the New World" and "Radio On : A Listener's Diary"
I also see this year you will blow up like a big star with your new book said to be due out in April and Your voice in the new Pixar Movie The Incredibles , I wonder did you meet Craig T Nelson did you call him coach I would of
Oh Sarah Vowell I don't know where to Send This Fan/Love Letter so I will have to just post it on my Blog and hope the Internet Stream Flows your way
Alright with Love Always - Joseph Edward Reiner The 3rd (i'm not really a 3rd but it sounds classier)

Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Adventure of the 3 year odl Twizzlers

Today i discovered a small Cash of Twizzlers i knew where they were form 3 birthdays ago i got a bin of Twizzlers asa gift i saved some because they were special twizzlers from The Fuzz Lady now i think hmm its been a few years maybe i shoudl eat these off

So Did you knwo TwizzlersAll though Go Stale Never Lose there Flavore
Hard liek a rock and mmm so good
im sure this will do a might numebr on my insdes and posibly out
but as of now my stomachs not rumblign and i only feel 3 outta the 7 basic colors

Well there you have it hold on toTwizzlers for a few years and it gets hard and you have a hard chewy snack enjoy it up
il report back if i get sick from them

p.s. do they stil make pull n peel Twizzlers i liekd them alot
And While Searching for Twizzlers i foudn this
so E-mail me picuters of your belly button with or wihtout twizzlers in it im wild so suprise me

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Really check it out they make shoes with this Agion stuff and the shoes always smell fresh
brand new shoe smell always
its amazing
thats all really

Oh yeah Jack Lemmon is the best Ever we should clone him i post him cause he does not stick he is infact anti stink

Is anyone Else Doing the pesi itunes thing?
i wonder how many songs they have giving away or at least codes entered in
all well

Heres a Question Whats more annoying "Its okay i had subway for lunch" or "I jsut saved alto of money by swtichign to Geico"

Monday, March 01, 2004

Since the Oscars Were so Goddam Predicatble this year i Bring you News ....

thats it really