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Diva & Co.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

My Diva-senses Were Tingling

Okay so I saw the midnite showing of Spiderman 2. It was really, really great. I find this hard to say because I really enjoyed the first one, but this one totally suprassed it and my expectations for it. I thought it was going to be overhyped like the rest of the summer movies, but Sam Raymi didn't disappoint, plus, having hot assed Tobey Maguire in a sometimes shredded Spidey suit didn't hurt either. Do yourself the favor and get your ass out to see it. Even if you have to sit in a theatre full of ignorant chuckleheads yelling "Awwwwwww sheeeeit son, that kid got knocked out. That was C r A z Y".

Monday, June 28, 2004

Who's the Brithday Girl???

heres a hint

Her name rhyms with Beavah

The Pre Birthday Review

Wow. Simply put, just wow is all I can say. Friday night was probably the best birthday party I've had ever. It was nothing over the top, nothing crazy, just an absolutely amazing night spent with amazing, wonderful people. My boyfriend and his roomates were super awesome and lent me their house to host my party. My local group of people showed up for the festivities shortly after 8, we ate some dinner and then we started drinking. As the night wore on more friends from high school who I hadn't seen in about a year showed up and that was also cool. My brother, his girl, their friend and my cousin also showed up along with 2 other friends from New York. Once everyone was here and had played enough Kings, Asshole or "forestry" to get good and "happy" my boyfriend (who is quite possibly the best most incredible guy in the world (and now its been proven)) gave me the first of many awesome surprises. He got everyone together and they sang happy birthday to me and he had Ice cream cake (my favoritest!) and all these candles. I'll have a birthday photo album up so y'all can check it out, but I want to wait for tonight to be over first. It was so great, I felt like when you're a lil kid in school and you get to bring in cupcakes and all the kids in your class sing to you. Since I'm a summer baby I never got to do that, so this was awesome and so so fun (c: It almost made me cry thats how great it was. Also, this year, none of the cake or whipped cream ended up in my face in front of a bar full of people, so that was swell. After the first party crowd dispersed around midnight my brother, Katy, my cousin and Andrew chilled for a while until about 1:30 when the second party started. Todd, his roomate, and Bex and Vicki came home with 2 guys from their hockey team. The very accurately named "Animated Kevin" and Fabs. More hilarity ensued. I had been partying since 8 though, so I called it a night around 3, my brother left around 2:30 and the rest of the party went til about 7 or 8 in the a.m. Nice!

Saturday morning Andrew gave me my birthday present. I'm now one step closer to full on mac geek-dom and the proud owner of a bright, shiny new, totally excellent: iPod! Yayayayayayay! He's not just awesome for buying such a kick ass present, but it didn't hurt his cause. I snoozed around the house and then Bex and I headed out to PNC Bank Arts Center to see The GetUp Kids *my faves but we got there too late and missed 'em*, Thrice and Dashboard Confessional. I have to say I'm not the hugest Dashboard fan, but seeing them and getting to hear more than just "Screaming Infidelities" made me defintiley start to dig 'em. We had a random run-in with Twan on the way home, Bex was accosted by some drunk wierdo who wanted Burger King and we sang Diana Ross and much other cheezy music in the car on the ride home.

Sunday I got all girlified with my mommy and we went and got manicures and pedicures then to the mall to pick out some presents and eat some chinese food. Not too shabby. I'm not sure when I'll acutally be getting the pressies from my mom, but not to worry. I ended up at Chez Megan (home of tonight's totally awesome pool party) to look at pictures with Bex, Josh and Andrew and then we went out to Boston Market for some yummy eats. Came home, Bex, Todd Andrew and I found a new addiction: the Surreal Life. Holy what a crock of crap, but its a train wreck so you have to watch.

Here we are, Monday moring. My acutal birthday. Andrew woke me up with Dunkin Donuts Iced French Vanilla Coffee and a Strawberry frosted donut my favoritest breakfast (see what I mean about how thoughtful and amazingly awesome he is) and Bex and I are going to head to the beach later, then out to delicious birthday dinner at FISH and then the lovely Megs is hosting my "proper" birthday bash. This is seriously the best weekend of my entire life. I want to thank everyone who participated for just being so awesome and so fun and such good friends. You're all amazing people and I love you all and I'm looking forward to this next year with you.

Look, I even still get RonFez.Net Birthday Threads!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Dear Mrs. Petrina S. Fuzzybutt,

You are so thoughtful and awesome and truly the llama's pajamas. Thank you so much for the pressies. I love them! Your timing, as always is impeccable. Thank you, hun!

The Diva

I've Got Nothing

Yup, so I'm alive. My allergies are making me insane-o, but other than that I gots nothing. Kick ass weekend is about to happen: Party for my birthday tomorrow night (my birthday is acutally Monday, but a lil pre-emptive partying never hurt anyone, right?) If you're interested in the details of it or wanna come: send me a saucy email. Dashboard/Get Up Kids concert at PNC Saturday night. Sunday will be my recovery day (as the boy will be at his *real* home most of the day), dinner at F.I.S.H. and then a pool party on Monday proper. Its gonna rock the socks off of last years birthday. Yayayay!

some mornings i wake up and i look at the Cnn
and I say ya know what Soledad is kinda hot........ then she says somthign retarded and the thrill is gone
but then again its kinda adorable

p.s. JULY 3rd is Free Comicbook Day it means you get free comics for walking into comic shops HOW GREAT IS THAT

P.P.S. He Still can't Pronounce Abu Ghraib

Monday, June 21, 2004

My Fucking Ruling Your Lame Ass Snowboard, Bitches!

The whole board.
The Red Girl.
The Blue Girl.

See, I told ya it was good!

P.S. Again

I would also like to say: I have the most amazing, wonderful, creative, awesome and AMAZING artistically talented boyfriend on the planet! How good is he? So good, that I don't think that there is, in fact, a word to describe his ass kicking-ness (See, he's so good I have to make up words like asskickingness!) This can only mean one thing: my snowboard deck is completed and is so rocking that it rocked my face right off. You should see it, I look pretty silly with out a face! I will have pics up tonight of it (the snowboard, not my faceless head) and you can all be jealous because no one on the PLANET now has the same deck as me and the only thing that could possibly be hotter than the design he did for me is the design he's gonna do for himself when he gets his own snowboard.

Thank you, Andrew, you're the best (c:

Just Another Manic Monday

A girls weekend in the Pocconos every once in a while is good for the soul, I assure you. Its also good that the aforementioned girls weekend involved a lot of Sangria in pretty wine glasses (even if they're plastic), fresh baked cookies, card games, never have I ever and perhaps the filming of the most scandalous (non-pr0n) videotape EVER. I don't think I've laughed so hard in ages. Its nice to have girly friends who you're on the same page with. Outlet shopping also helps this greatly. Why am I addicted to Pacific Sunwear>??

I also heard that the lovely Missy of RFBabies fame and Jeff of Ron Fez.net fame got engaged this weekend on the show. Congrats to the two of you and best wishes for the happiest, healthiest, kitty & puppy filled life together! You two deserve nothing but the best! (c:

One week until my birthday, Happy Birthday today, to my cousin Melissa (not the previously mentioned Missy) and don't forget its Anna's birthday on Wednesday. Get her somethin' nice!

Remember kids: its fine at the time, but its a mess in the morning!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Musings on the News

Did you ever think about the "point" of the news? Furthermore, have you ever actually sat down and listened to or watched the news? Seriously, I think the news is a cleverly devised way to satiate everyone's need for gossip, while doing it under the guise of being informative and keeping the public abreast of issues.

If you think about the nightly news stories on your local news broadcast there are stories about the current state of our country, about the war we're fighting in Iraq and then there are the tabloid pages. People who delve professionally into the lives of celebrities digging up dirt. Does anyone really care about the details surrounding Marc Anthony's divorce and marriage to Jennifer Lopez? Does anyone really need to know that teen-queen Lindsay Lohan's father got arrested for fighting with his brother or that she *might* be dating Wilmer Valderamma? Seriously, if this is all you have to care about in your life or you're even remotely interested in this kind of mindless fodder: I'd like to have the ignorance-is-bliss stress free vacation that is your life.

Once they've covered all that we get to the local stories. Children's parents fighting at local sporting events, people stealing money from a county office, pedophiles in a church, people fighting to keep a Burger King out of their town because it will "attract the wrong kind of people". We watch this every night and head in to work the next day to stand around the water cooler and gossip about it. Inevitably someone in your office will have an "inside scoop" on the story from their "husband's dog's mother's postman's chiropractor" who once sat next to the guy accused of having the house on the block that's an eyesore at Gino's Italian restaurant in Bay Ridge and can attest to the fact that he's a nutbar based solely on the conversation he over heard.

They'll put these stories under the guise of human interest, or a problem-solvers type of story, they'll even file it just under general local news. None of this really makes us more informed individuals who are now more socially aware of our surroundings and the issues that will affect us everyday. No, its just made it easy for us to tap into the guilty pleasure of voyeurism. We can get away with having our nose all up in other people's business with out having to get to know them or feel ashamed for being so nosy.

I know there are people out there ready to offer up the argument "Well aren't blogs basically another form of voyeurism?" Yes, absolutely. I don't have beef with the blogs though, because they don't sensationalize every single minute and retarded story like the world is going to end because Jane Smith from Putnam County forged checks on the Board of Educations check stock and deposited them in her own account. I think the media generally has gotten out of hand, we don't get a fair picture of ANYTHING these days and everything is hounded and blown so far out of proportion in such a disgusting way that I don't find the news even remotely credible these days. I know as a whole we'll never get a completely accurate picture of events from the news, and I know that it is informative somedays when an issue comes up that was unbeknownst to the public previously, but will seriously affect them.

My point is just the media needs to be put in check. They need to start reporting responsibly and not just jumping the gun to be the first to break a story. It doesn't matter if you broke it first if you have none of the details correct. I believe in our right to know what's going on with our country, but at the same time I'm willing to trust the government (at least one person, somewhere in the government) knows what they're doing and I don't need to hear about all the new behind-the-scenes safety measures. Didn't you ever think they're behind the scenes for a reason? This tabloid-fueled peeping Tom media frenzy needs to stop and we need to turn back to a time when there were responsible journalists reporting ACCURATELY on issues that matter to everyone, not just filling an hour with stories that let us our noses in someone else's private life.

This has been my Diva-torial...Thank you! Whoops, wrong place

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


50 First Dates is a really cute movie.

Thank Yous

To Meg & Stay: that was a good walk yesterday and it wasn't painful or otherwise excruciating. We can do it!

To Officer Salerno: your rude attitude, condescending manner and ability to write me 2 tickets while threatening to give me a myriad of others will just give me the aggrivation to get motivated to get a work out done.

To Andrew: for putting up with my insanity this past weekend. I appreciate your patience and your ability to cheer me up when I'm in one of my moods. You're the best. *mwah!*

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

French Fries Are Fress Vegitables ! ! !

Batter-coated french fries are a fresh vegetable, at least according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, batter-coated french fries can be considered fresh vegetables. Most other kinds of frozen french fries have been classified that way since 1996.

The USDA explained that this classification applies only to rules of commerce, not nutrition

it's still the fun not ketchup and freis is a 2 vegitable Meal now what the heck is pepper made of is it made of peppers how come peppers don't taste like pepper

and Theres devil fleas out there i dont have them but i hear about them from my freind tina shes all liek the fleas only on the cats and im like that's devil fleas
the end


Stolen from Jonnie, who inevitably stole it from someone else. I've fished out the more entertaining ones and higlighted the best. Apparently I'm some sort of less-than-legal aged animal/drag queen?

deja is the best place to answer any questions i have about linux issues
deja is getting what looks like a good home
deja is also the relationship and sexuality content director of urbangoat
deja is no exception
deja is the life of the party
deja is blue with flashy white markings
deja is no different
deja is drivable
deja is gone
deja is your friend
deja is attempting to become more efficient and is exploring all their options
deja is a "constant struggle" (Ha, doesn't he know how true that is!)
deja is busy helping you decide what to buy next
deja is dead
deja is one girl who's site is filled with lots of personality
deja is really going wild
deja is available anywhere that you can get an internet connection
deja is really good
deja is one of the few people on the planet who can work on my level
deja is quiet
deja is one of our new generation drag/club kid performers
deja is essentially a 'work tool' to me
deja is 12 years old and can be very bashful though warms up quickly when she is out of the cage
deja is disconcerting
deja is sometimes behind on the most current posts
deja is living with a family who loves her
deja is the only one still living she is 7 or will be on jan 26th
deja is a thirteen
deja is pictured above with me
deja is no more
deja is her name her at fantasy ranch
deja is a black american saddlebred mare and is an unlikely addition to a trakehner breeding farm in the eyes of many

Man, I Love Being A Turtle Diva

Well, not really. I'm cranky, crampy, angry, want to rip people's heads off and piss on the stump of their necks. I'm starving, but not in the mood for anything. Any time anyone says anything their voice and general stupidity grates on my nerves, hardcore. My back hurts, I couldn't sleep well last night and I feel uber groady. Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Monday, June 14, 2004


2 weeks EXACTLY until my birthday, bitches. I expect pressies!

Also: Its 9 days til Anna's birthday. Also buy her stuff.

There Goes That Last Remaining Shred of Self-Esteem I Had...

Mattel to launch Barbie(tm) clothing line in 2004.

A Nice, Long Weekend

I got to take Friday off not for Regan's day of mourning, but because I literally had NOTHING to do and since there would be no mail delivery there would be nothing coming in for me to do either. My supervisor agreed and since I had the vacation time she let me take the day. I got my hair done (red again as is my usual now) and just generally vegged out. Thursday night was pretty crazy 'cause we too Megan to Finn's for the first time. We all got pretty snotted and it was a good time indeed, but I was a little burnt from that so I stayed in Friday. No motivation whatsoever to go out.

Saturday was a really nice day so mom and I went to go Stepford Wives. It was cute and pretty funny and it mocked Connecticut and more specifically my Town (under the guise of "Stepford" of course). I think the best line was probably "And I thought to myself 'Where could I build a town of robots that nobody would notice? Connecticut!'". So, so true, hahaha. Saturday night Megan, Becki, Stacey and I ended up going up to Danbury for a yummy girls night out dinner and some chit chat that we all needed to catch up on. Good times indeed. I learned a valuable lesson that night though: you can't fit a shopvac and 4 people into a Jetta. Well, you *can*, but its not very comfortable for people of a Bex and Meggish nature. (c:

Went to the boy's house for some forestry and a lil MTV movie awards action (he loves Lindsay Lohan). I think the best part of the show (aside from the Beastie Boys performance) was this commercial that aired during it which showed black people pointing to jewelry saying "bling bling" and eventually a white girl over hears it at school and uses it and then all the white kids are saying it and then their parents are saying it. It ends with a screed reading "Bling Bling 1997- 2003" it was pretty goddamned funny.

Sunday we went to the Pallisades center to Best Buy and the Apple store and a couple of other places here and there, came home, watched the tube for a lil while and then it was off to hockey, well for the boys at least. Bex and I had some beers and cheered and watched Reg win his game! Woo! He made some pretty good saves, so I'm all proud. Unfortunately Todd's opponents forfeited so that kinda sucked, but it was no biggie.

that's it. Pretty boring to read about, but fun to have participated in. Also: if there is someone on the planet that's *not* playing Halo yet: what the HELL are you waiting for. I suck at it, but its still pretty fun. (My guy is pink! Woooo!)

Saturday, June 12, 2004

And Now For Something Completely Different...

As mentioned in yesterday's comments I give you:

Sports Cartoons

Hopefully this will jog some of your memories. Many people often give me long, blank stares when I tell them about these.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Some National Passtime

As promised my watered down rant on baseball (I'm a little lazy to type today so this might not convey the absolute passion with which I truly hate baseball)

Baseball is the lazy man's sport. Disagree with me if you will, you're entitlted to your opinion, but its the absolute most BORING sport to watch on television, short of somethign like maybe curling. The whole concept of baseball is even backwards. Essentially when batting you wait in line to do your thing. Upon your turn, if you do what you're SUPPOSED to do and hit the ball: you have to run around in the hot sun, sweat, slide in the dirt, get all smelly. That sucks. If you don't do what you're supposed to do and miss the ball you can sit down on the bench, enjoy some gatorade, b.s. with your teammates, chew some sunflower seeds. Its a party! Where is the motivation to do well and get the hits? Oh thats right, there isn't any.

Of all of the athletes in professional sports (the 4 major ones: baseball, basketball, football and hockey) baseball players are the most out of shape (do the words Sid Fernandez mean anything to you?) Let's not even get me started on the "hotties" of baseball. Derek Jeter? Alex Rodrigurez? Nasty.

Then we get to the fans. Yanks fans I'm not even gonna pick on you today becuase frankly, I dont have the energy to deal with your arrogant, pigheaded, 'the yankees are the best team ever and I worship them because t.v. tells me its cool to' attitudes today. Just feel satisfied in the fact that I still hate you just as much as I always have. I just intensely dislike most baseball fans, mostly because I dislike baseball, so well I guess thats a moot point.

I just think its a boring awful mess and my disdain for it only grew after dating a "baseball history buff" who only ever talked about it and quoted stats about it and historical things that I could really GIVE 2 SHITS about so much that it came to the point when he'd open his mouth to say anything (baseball related or not), I'd cringe. Its not a great game, there is nothing majestic, stoic or heroic about it or its players. American's love it and it's our passtime because its the lazy mans game and we as a nation are, well, a little bit lazy.

Let the flames begin if you must, but I just hate, hate, HATE it!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

True To My Woochata(tm) Roots

I'm such a chick when it comes to sports. That's not to say that I dislike sports, because honestly I really love watching hockey and football and UConn Basketball, but when it comes to choosing teams I like or who I think will win: let the estrogen flow!

I have a few teams that I'm dearly devoted to for hockey its the Rangers, Avalanche and Dallas Stars. (Though my recent trip to Toronto may cause me to scrap the Avs and Stars and stick with the Rangers & Leafs). For football I love the Jets and the Titans. So when one of "my teams" is playing, I'll naturally root for them. Any other time though I pick with my chach. That is to say I've played football pools and made sporting bets where I've chosen teams solely on whose uniform colors and or logo I like better, who has the cuter players or who has the more "heart warming" story (dude, I can't help it..Its the hormones).

Anyhow, for the Stanley cup finals I know a lot of the hockey purists wanted Calgary to win as they felt the cup needed to be returned to Canada and it had been over 10 years since a Canadian team had one, and yes, Jarome Iginla is kinda cute in a weird way, but his looks and their "need" for the cup was no match to that of the Tampa Bay Lightning. First of all I have to say 3 things: Martin St. Louis, Vinny Lecavalier & Brad Richards(who is also the Conn Smythe winner,BTW). My real reason for rootin' for the Lightning though, was the fact that Dave Andreychuk has been in the goddamned N.H.L. as long as I've been alive and had never won the cup (correct me if I'm wrong, but I also think he never even made it to the finals...in 22 years?!?). I'm a sucker for stuff like that so I wanted to see the lil fella win.

Win they certainly did. I thought it was a pretty scrappy series, lots of good hits, goals and saves and everyone seemed to be "on" the entire time. Some of the best hockey I've seen in a while (and trust me, lately I've seen a LOT of freakin' hockey).

Anyhow, big ups to the Bolts and tune in tomorrow, same diva time, same diva channel for my rant about why I hate baseball and I think its the biggest, dumbest, suckiest sport ever. (Aside from my disdain for the Yankees and the legions of their "die-hard" fans who only like them 'cause its trendy to.)

Monday, June 07, 2004

History of a Boring Town

Some of the folks here in my office decided that today would be "Yearbook Day". What? Well, you see they bought a whole bunch of bagels and spreads and juice and candy and set it all up in the conference room and in order to get in and enjoy it you had to bring in your high school yearbook (or wedding or baby photos if you couldn't find your yearbook) so that everyone could see where we all came from.

Far be it from me to pass up a) free food and b) an opportunity to not work so I took one for the team and brought my book in. I took a lot of flack because I'm the youngest person here aside from the summer interns. I brought in my yearbook from my Junior year of high school and got lots of "Oh please, you still look the same" or "That doesn't even count...My pets are older than you" kind of comments but all in all it was a pretty fun experience. Working for a municipal government we have a lot of "Townies" here, so we got yearbooks from my high school that spanned the decades and it was funniest looking through the faculty section and seeing what teachers were still there and how they looked way back when.

It also got me thinking about how much I absolutely loathe many of the people I considered "friends" in high school. There are some whom I genuinely enjoyed (and in some cases still continue to enjoy) their company, but for the most part as I read over all the "we'll always be friends and hang out everyday this summer" messages I cringe a little bit. I'm fortunate for having a falling out with my high school friends halfway through my first semester at college though I thought it would absolutely be the death of me at the time. (Can we tell I was a drama queen even from the beginning, LOL) It allowed me to meet a lot of really great people whom I never would have met otherwise (many of them are even linked to this blog!) and I got to do a lot of things that I enjoyed that weren't quite within the confines of an "ideal", or should I say "stereotypical", act from a twenty-something in my Town. For this: I'm thankful.

To my real friends: thank you for being by my side and being in my life, you mean more to me than I'll ever let on.

To my faux friends: I appreciate your brief appearance in my life and I hope that I learned something from you. Thanks for pushing me in a direction I might not have gone without you.

Sunday, June 06, 2004




Friday, June 04, 2004

Friday Free For All

I think my experience last night at the No Doubt/Blink 182 concert can be summed up in the following phrase I overheard someone utter on a cellphone conversation: "I think I'm the oldest person here thats not accompanying a kid, but I'm only 23!" Wow. Anyhow, Blink were very funny, very good, Travis is TOTALLY insane, but there were some akward moments when they started to play some old stuff (and by old stuff I only mean pre-Enema of the State) and they cut out to let the crowd sing and most of the teenyboppers there didn't know the words. It was a little cringeworthy to say the least. Also: I'm not exaggerating there must have been about 200+ people there (guys and girls mixed) in BRIGHT PINK blink trucker caps & VonDutch (or VonBitch) shirts. Seriously, I hate them all and wish scorching cases of the clap for all of them. Also I'm making a mental note to self: Kill Ashton Kutcher, he really annoys the everlivingpiss out of me. No Doubt was acutally really good, they played almost entirely singles, but there were a few old school songs, and I am absolutely enamoured/obsessed with/need to be Gwen Stefani. Seriously, she fucking kicks ass. The seats were pretty great **BIG UPS TO ONE BROWN EYED HANK FOR THE TIX!!** and it was a fun time, even if I was awash in a sea of 8th Grade Puberty Love. It was a fun way to kick of my summer of concerts. I used to go to shows religiously and I haven't been to one in ages, well, except last summer, but before that it had been like 2+ years.

The rest of the summer concert line up is as follows:
June 24: *possibly* (I'm still looking for peeps to go with) Reel Big Fish at Roseland Ballroom
June 26: Dashboard Confessional/Thrice/The Get Up Kids at PNC
July: The Roots/311 at PNC
August 7 or 8: Warped Tour (still finalizing)
August 18: Maroon 5/John Mayer at Jones Beach
and a few others which are TBA. Yeah, so I'm a huge teenybopper/lameass/whatever you wanna call me, but screw you guys I like these bands so eat my butt!

Tonight there is a school benefit with a $20K raffle and open bar that I'll be attending with the lovely OBE Hank, The Future Mrs. OBE Hank, Reg, an assasinated senator and a few others. Needless to say some sort of debauchery will ensue (photos to come). The rest of my weekend will probably be spend recouping from Friday, but if you wanna hang out hit me up, no promises, but if I can move: I'll be there.

24 shopping days left until my birthday, hoes. I love you all so dearly and since my last 2 birthdays ended disastrously I expect some of you to help me kick some ass this year. I've been a little under the weather the last few days, today being no exception, but I'm trying to make the best of it. I'm getting better daily at driving stick and I'm averaging 21 miles to the gallon, w00t. Um...thats really all thats been exciting thats been going on with me. So I guess I'll end it here. Oh! I almost forgot:

Ian & Katie on the birth of their first child, a son: Rowan Daniel on May 17, 2004 (daddy & baby have the same birthday (c: )
Andy & Jess on the Birth of their first child, a daughter: Juliet who was born Tuesday or Wednesday June 1st or 2nd. (I said it before, I'll say it again...June babies are the best babies!)
Happy Belated Birthday to K.C.

2 Dead Squrills

I Havent Posted if anyone cared


Because of A Few Things

2 Dead Squrills in a pool one named Patrick Swazy one named paul Bolth Dance to Foot Loose

Moving Wood touching Wood Working The Wood Pounding Wood alot of wood related Activities

Chopping down Dying or Dead or in the Way Trees

Leaf blowing
Leaf Sweeping
Leaf Scooping
Leaf Bagging

"I Don't KNow this Chalabi guy i might of met him once he never told me anything he jsut sat behind my wife in the special freind Section at the state of the union"


more reasons
Power Washers Are fun
Deck Staining Not so fun

Elvis Fights Mummies

and i saw this joke and it made me laugh and laugh and laugh
(How can you tell the difference between an emo girl and an emo boy? The boys wear the tighter pants.)

Now my Post for the week is done i have ot go do More yard Work at My Brothers girlfriends house

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Good Riddance

Na na na na, na na na na...hey hey heyyyyyyy GOOOOD BYEEEEEEEE!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Oh Yeah:

28 days til my birthday, motherbitches.


So I promised pics of my new car, Trevor and here they are:
Exterior Shot
Rim Closeup
Still Girly
Gangsta Radio, lol

I managed not to stall out once this weekend either, yay!