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Diva & Co.

Friday, July 30, 2004

A Guest Post...Sort of

Apparently my list yesterday inspired the wolf, another nut residing at the Hillcrest Suites to make a list of his own. It was too big for the comments, but he was kind enough to email it to me and I'll be damned. Its pretty funny (c:

well well, this is my first comment on the diva site....not sure what's
prompting me to do this, maybe cause my boy one brown eye is officially
a member now, and i know he will read this....anyways, i read your list
diva, and i materialized my own:

Grande soft tacos are the greatest invention of man, with fire and the
wheel coming in a close 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Just when i thought i couldn't like 311 more then i already did, a
sweet ass concert comes along and makes me fall in love with Nick Hexum all
over again.

Ben Franklin once said, "Halo is proof that God loves us."

I am slowly but surely becoming a Hubba's afficianado, next on my list
-> fried clams with chili and cheese .. "i'm SERIOUS!!"

Hornswaggled, hoodwinked, hogwash, bamboozled, and button-hooked are
all fun words to use in every day life.

The Don Labia seems to have some letters missing from his keyboard.

The Hillcrest Girls crack me up.

Taco bell is my crack, and beeks is my dealer.

bAruce (or bruceski) may not be better than tom at halo, but he's
better than tom at life

29 is the truth

that's it, i'm off like a prom dress
peace/violence fockers


Thursday, July 29, 2004

A Thursday List

I've got nothing right about now so all you get is this crappy list:

My allergies are killing me today

Jonnie & Sandra are so cute, go see!

Halo is consuming my will to get off the couch

I'm b e a t today. Can't deal with it

Today is my last official day here at work

I literally don't have to do a goddamned thing all day here at work

I have the cutest boyfriend

I'm in the mood for sushi

I need a nap

iPods are the one gadget everyone needs to have

The Hillcrest Boys crack me up

Bex and I are going to learn to play hockey

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Haunting in Georgia

So the other night I was Watching Discovery channel there was a show on Called "A Haunting in Georgia" it was about a a family whos 4 year odl daughter started playing with what they thought was a imaginary freind but soon relized it was more it was the ghost of a man who lived in the house nextdoor who died in 1974 named Mr Gordy

anyways time wnet by then more ghosts came scary angry ghosts or somthing and the first hour and a half was good it was scary and little spooky very interesting but then by the end after scintists and expercts and physics investigated there house oh no lets nto belive them the family brings in some nut job evangilist who is telling them there attacked by Demonic Spirtis

well long story short the show ended and i wasted my time i think
butttttt it turns out you can search the family online and have there Adress and Home Phone number so here it is

Andrew and Lisa Wyrick - (706) 568-0040 - 288 Swint Loop, Ellerslie, GA 31807

it lets me stalk a family who's daughters see Ghosts
so the lesson here is if discovery channel does a show about you and your family be sure to go to google and get your named removed off the thinggy thing

A Mini-Celebration

Today is me & the boy's sixth monthaversary.

Andrew: I just wanted to say thank you for a really awesome six months, its been a lot of fun and aside from finding an awesome boyfriend I've found someone who ended up being one of my very best friends. Whether snowboarding, trekkin' around Toronto, going to your hockey games, Halo (even if you *do* always win) or just lounging around the house I always seem to have a great time when I'm with you. You've made it easy for me to just be me, I'd forgotten how easy that was. So, as I said earlier, thank you for six months of smiles and here is to the next six.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Final Countdown

Well, that's almost it. I cleaned out my desk. Its kind of sad to think that my whole life here at work for the better part of 4 years fits in one small paper box. Granted I still have tomorrow and Thursday to work, tie up any loose ends and collect anything I may have forgotten, but I have had it pretty good here, the people are annoying (and sometimes gimpy and smelly) but many are a lot of fun, the pay was good (even though I always bitched I wanted more $$) and I didn't really *do* much but blog and chat on aim, which while boring is still pretty cushy, but something about this job just wasn't for me. Wasn't the direction I wanted to go. Why is this post so whiny. Whatever. I'm not acutally sad to be moving on, I'm glad that I have a chance to get out while I'm still young and can go the direction I want, but I'm just nervous that there is something big I'm either a) forgetting to tell the peopel to do or b)leaving behind at the office. Oh well, I can always come visit. Better to be outside lookin' in than inside looking out.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Weekend Review

Okay First of all (Andrew please avert your eyes for a moment) this was a weekend filled with the following hotties:

Nick Hexum, Jake Gyllenhaal & Matt Damon.

Friday night I had to work until 8:30, but we had a good crew workin' so it was lots of fun (gasp, did I just say working on a Friday night was fun). After that Andrew and I went to see the Bourne Supremacy. I enjoyed it. I thought it was well done, left it open for a third film and of course there was plenty of Matt Damon-y eye candy. My only complaint about the film (aside from the fact that there was probably eleventybillion people in the theatre with us) was that as Andrew put it, "the camera was a little BlairWitchy", which made me kind of nauseous, but after we'd been home for a bit my stomach finally settled down.

Saturday I came home and I watched some of the Bourne Identity with my mom (who'd never seen it and suprisingly enjoyed it) and I got ready to go to the 311 show at P.N.C. I was excited to see the show as I do like 311 and their opening act was the Roots, which made me all the more excited, but it was nowhere near as close to being as excited as Andrew as they're one of his 2 favorite bands. Needless to say when his boss stumbled upon 4 V.I.P. tickets for free in addition to the 3 regular seats we'd already purchased he was pretty amped for the show. Todd, Andrew, my cousin and I headed down to the show to use the new tickets (they also entitled us to some tasty bbq before the show and 3 free beers, even if it was just miller lite, it was free, so it tasted a lil better) and my brother and his chick headed down to use 2 of the tickets we'd had before. The Roots were pretty great, the bassist tore it up and they really just put on a show that got you amped. The seats were awesome, you could see everything that was happening on stage with out the use of the monitors and you could even make out facial expressions and stuff...good times. When 311 came on it was just nuts, as I said earlier I knew I'd enjoy the show 'cause I do like the band, but I wasn't anywhere near as amped as Reg. They came out, played a ton of songs I knew and loved (Down, Beautiful Disaster, Eons, Random, All Mixed Up, Love Song, Amber, Uncalm) and one new song that I hadn't heard before which was pretty kick ass too. They kept the crowd's energy up which was cool and it was just a lot of fun, a lot more than I was expecting to have and I would easily put it in the top 5 shows I've ever seen. Good times indeed.

Sunday Andrew and I grabbed a quick breakfast at the diner than each of us headed of to our own respective jobs & naptimes and met up again later that night. All in all it was a pretty great weekend. I certainly had a blast and as if my weekend wasn't good enough, I had a dream sometime last night/this morning about meeting Jake Gyllenhaal in some restaurant/ice house in like Minnesota or Alaska or something and he was broken up with Kirsten Dunst and wanted to hang out with me 'cause my friend Adam met him in Japan and told him I was cool. Wishful thinking? Sure, but it was nice while it lasted. (c:

That'll do it for now, catch ya on the flipside, childrens!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Feliz Cumpleaños, Señor Hank!

Happy birthday, Hank! I hope its a great one, you certainly deserve it!!

Much Love,
The Diva

Friday, July 23, 2004

no one ever lite a Flamming bag of poo on my door step but if they did i wouldn't stomp it out cause im not dumb enough to put my foot in fire why are other people that stupid?

in a related story i know two kids who filled up a boot with mostly gasolin and lite it on someones front portch but then they got caught and charged with a hate crime cause the fmaily thought it was cause the daughter got a abortion go figer flamming boot = hate crime
and why Richard Simmons do it your self google search Flamming Bag look in images and wham Richard Simmons i was jsut thinking about flamming poop pluss i got soap in my eye

and do you know how hard it is to tie your shoe with a hurt thumb no wonder were the most evolved thumbs are important so don't hit your self with a hammer in the thumb
but thats what happens when your build a Shed yeah 10ft by 14ft shed thats a big shed

and last anyone get the ghostbusters comic that came out this week it was suposed to come out in may but the company sucks butt a army of darkness comic was suposed to come out but it got pushed back to necked week July 27 that's it

Comics, Building, and Flamming poop

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Virus Is Spreading

I want to say whats up to our newest writer, One Brown Eyed Hank. He's a very kick ass, cool dude and he cracks me up on a consistent basis so you all are gonna enjoy it (or else I'll come personally kick your ass myself!) His profile will be up in the next few days so you can learn more about this man of mystery. I'm sure you'll all be waiting with baited breath, so to satisfy your curiosity I leave you with this shot of the man, the myth, the legend in his mask:

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Turn And Face the Strain

Okay, so a few changes around here, the black was getting boring and it had been a while since I'd updated the site so I figured eh, why the hell not. Also, we may be taking on another writer to the site so *hopefully* look for that in the near future. We should probably get a more manly domain other than "dynamitediva", but well, what can you do, way back when this was a one-diva show. Alright, I'll give you all a real post tomorrow. Ciao!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

No, I'm NOT Pregnant

I'm just in the mood for some garlic mashed potatoes and maybe one or 2 spears of some yummy deli pickles, a little lobster bisque soup, some of my Target cookies with all the icing that someone (ahem, Reginald)ate, cotton candy and some mint iced tea and maybe a mojito or 2...or 8. Oh and some pizza fries would be yummy too, round it out with a bowl of short sticky rice and some cucumber salad and maybe an order of spinach from F.I.S.H. and I'd be able to die happy right now. Wait, acutally, I'd need to throw down with some serious BBQ ribs and cornbread as well then. Yeah...I think that's it.

Somehow the reason I can't lose any weight remains a mystery to me, go figure!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Hello, My Name is Deja and I'm An Addict

Halo, its consuming my will to live. Well, not really, but I spend the majority of my free time playing it with Beex and the boys at Hillcrest Suites. I have 2 guys(both are pink). I'm starting to get better and jus trying to stay low on the radar and hopefully I'll be able to just hide out and snipe people. There is nothing more satisfying that a single headshot to take a bitch out.

This weekend I traded in my game cube and Andrew and I both traded in some games and we had enough credit to get a second XBox for the house. This one's name is Stumpy, but I call it Stimpy in honor of the fabulous Stimpson J. Cat. We linked Stumpy and the Caboose and now we can have 8 people playing at one time. It rocks. I hope One Brown Eyed Hank comes home sometime soon so we'll be able to get 3 vs. 3 going and some capture the flag or something cool like that. When I stand in the shower at Andrew's house the pipes make this weird sound like when you're by one of the portals. Sometimes his washing machine sounds like that too.

I haven't played in about 10 hours. I'm starting to get the shakes. I don't know if I can make it. In other exciting video game news I went to this store (where we got the XBox from) and I bought 2 games for the original Nintendo: Ducktales (stop laughing, thats my fave Nintendo game ever!) and Battle Toads. Ducktales was $9.99 but the games were buy 1 get 1 free so I got them both for $10. Not too shabby. Thats all for now. I'll be back laters.

Friday, July 16, 2004


Well, the 2 songs from John's funeral mass just played back to back on the radio and then I realized that today is the six month mark of his death.  I can't believe its been six months since he passed.  I can't even believe really that he has passed.  When I think of him I just think that he's still away at school and I get ready to ask my brother something about him and then I remember. 
The last six months have been an interesting one.  So much has happened, but so much has stayed the same.  Something in my brother is different though, as obviously he's lost his best freind.  In the last year he's lost more of his innocence and naievete than he should have had to.  He's not innocent by any means, but he's really had a rough year and his choices don't seem to be getting any better.  Especially his new taste in freinds.  They're awful people.  Its easy to say that John was much better a friend now that he's passed, but seriously, we knew John forever and we knew he was good people and I guess that made it easier for us to overlook his flaws, but John was a good person. 
I'm sorry that this is kind of a downer entry, but I just needed to write this.  John, please keep looking out for Jay, he needs your guidance more now than he ever has and we all miss you and you often cross our minds.  R.I.P.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

I've Lit the Beacon

One Brown Eyed Hank:
The beacon is lit. Tonight is a drink 'til you boot night. I'm throwing down the gauntlet and challenging you to a drink off. I've been at work since 8 a.m. I'll be working straight through non-stop until 8:30 tonight. Upon my arrival at Hillcrest Suites the consumption of the SoCo & Lime shots will begin. Do you accept my challenge? What say you, rogue?

- The Diva

My Bissness My Bissness Is Beutiful!!

I don't care what the people say i love This Sprint Comercial here read about it in a Ad trade mag

God its the best comercial out there
you probly love it and dont know you love it

or secretly love it
i publicly love it

Check out this Ad Company Smuggler They made it they made some other good comercials out there
alright thats all

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Finally, Some Down Time!

Okay I've put in a full, busy morning here at the office and decided I've earned a break to blog or rant or maybe just recap stuff. I'm not really sure where this post will go, but I'm just going to put up what comes to mind.

Becca wrote a post, kindly, or not so kindly asking people to "STFU" and I laughed my butt off. It was a much needed laugh, so, thank you for that. Hehe. I haven't had much of a chance to even read anyone else's blogs so I'll have to try and find some more time to do that (maybe after my lunch hour when everyone else is out of the office).

I got re-hired at Starbucks so I'm officially a full fledged coffee wench again. My first shift is today after I'm done here at my first job (I'm going to be piggy backin' these 2 jobs for the next 12 business days, working from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. M-Th...Needless to say I'm gonna be in an AWESOME mood). It's going to be a pain to make it through, but I'll have some extra cash and I won't have any time to spend any of it so though it seems sucky it'll be beneficial in the long run.

This last weekend was a lot of fun, my friend Billy (jk, dude) had a party on Friday, so that was fun. Saturday was the infamous "Duckapalooza" which was a lot of fun. Andrew plays for a hockey team called the "Great Big Ducks" and at the end of every year the team has a party (hence the name). It was great. It was at this AMAZING house on the water and there was a jumpy castle, face painting, kegs, margaritas, incredible food, an ice cream man and just a ton of really nice, really cool people. All guys from the hockey team and their wives and kids. Bex and Todd came with us so it was cool.

I took off early and went up to Mahopac with Megan and Ashley. We were supposed to go see one of Meg's friends, Greg, fill in with this band. Unfortunately the owner of the bar (a fat drunk old mess) decided he didn't like the sound of the opening act (a mix of tool and korn sounds) so he didn't do the polite thing and ask them to stop playing (or even let them finish their set and just not ask them back), nope. First he turned the jukebox on over them to try and drown them out, but they kept playing, and then he just walked over to them and turned the power off in the bar. It was quite possibly the rudest thing I've ever seen in my life. As if that wasn't lame enough, he called the cops and told them there was a fight at the bar (now for a bunch of 20somethings we were very calm) no one was screaming, no one was yelling, everyone was just chillin' and trying to be respectful, finish our drinks and then bounce. So 12 cops roll into the bar expecting some sort of riotous environment and they find nothing. So we all leave the bar and hung with the cops in the parking lot for a few minutes (they agreed the guy was a douche) and well, they were hot, so who were we to leave eye candy early?

Sunday Andrew I and went to brunch, which was quite yummy. We sunned for a bit at my cousin's pool and watched the Butterfly Effect, and it wasn't quite the crapfest I was expecting. It wasn't the greatest movie ever, and the ending sucked, but it was disturbing and not too bad, (even if it did have Ashton Kutcher in it). It was still better than "Lost in Translation". I think that's about it, so yeah that was cool.

I am so happy right now, not right this second per se, as I'm at work (boo!), but in general. It scares me to say that 'cause I don't want to jinx any thing, but I can't remember being this satisfied with my situation as I am now in a long time. I am surrounded daily by great, true friends, my family, an absolutely amazing boyfriend (with whom I become more smitten every day). I'm doing things, I'm smiling, I'm taking care of what I have to get done and I'm finally almost dug out of this rut I have been in since I got dismissed from UConn four years ago. To feel like the possibility for anything is out there is really exciting (wow that sounds hokey). I dunno, I just needed to gloat a little because really, I don't think I've got much I can complain about.

Take care kiddies and I'll catch ya on the flipside!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Pictures, Yay!

Me & My Girls

The Hillcrest Suites

My 23rd Birthday!

Today my friend said nigger

by mistake in a store right next to a black guy i was ashamed and walked away

another store a girl had a dryer sheet sticking outta her arm
it was funny but then i felt sad for her and wanted to find her and fix it but she was gone poor girl probly having the dryer sheet in her arm all day

i wonder if it was spring time fresh or just mountiany

has that happend to you

its been hard to write blogs i've been kinda bussy plus my internets been retarded

i do belive these days you dont blog you aint nothing its jsut a fact it is the furture and were living in it espicaly with the coin counting machines in commerce bank

theres a girl at commerce bank shes a teller she wasnt there today when i went to cash in change but she was there 3 other times i hope she still works there she looks like Margo Harshmen

for somereason my internet is evil and wont work for me most of the day or for the day that im home whats with that its fricken 3:30 in the am and im checking out euro news its the sports now they make bike ridding and soccor sound so interesting but anywho

anyone reading any good comics i got me Bolth Vollume 1 and 2 of Hush by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams I dug it alot but i guess its a giving since it's all highly priased and what not i expect just jon to have read it
i bet hell give a fact or somthing you should chekc comments for that

then he better suggest somthign cause i got money to spend and i dont mind spending it on comics
Hush is grapphic novels sooo in the single comics i really dig on alot right now liek 4 or 5 comic a week habbit its kinda bad yet i enjoy every one i pick up well sometimes one sucks then next issue i say no swamp thing you burned me

i done thats it for a while its late night and i cnat sleep and the rap song about sweat dripping off some black guys balls is playing in the background as luke plays some race car game on ps2
ohoh spiderman the movie 2 game is pretty cool its like GTa but wiht spiderman and its cool i just love swining around new york and hanging on the building that should be 888 7th ave and im all like look at me im spiderman

the end - xoxoxox - Sheep / Don labia / Conner Lingus

p.s. i also have the abortion episodes of Degrassi the next gen "accidents will happen" part one and two so if you want it get either a g-mail account so i can e-mail it ot you orrr message me maybe we can Direct connect or when i get blank dvds i will burn and mail you it

p.s DEGRASSI KICKS ASS HARD i love canadian teens espical gay teen angst oh yeah degrassi has gay teen agnst I don't mean hey thats gay
I mean man love my freinds man love indeed

Monday, July 12, 2004

Just Stoppin' By

Not much to say other than another fabulous weekend with Andrew, Megs, Bex, Ashley and the rest of the crew. Here's a pic of Andrew and I from Duckapalooza 2004 (if I'm motivated I'll blog about it later. Yes, I realize I'm blogging now, but I don't feel like typing a lot. This is getting lengthy isn't it?[GET ON WITH IT!] Ok, ok I'm going) Not the best quality ever, but thats what happens when my lazy ass scans a really dark photograph and just tries to halfass lighten it up. I probably should have just emailed Andrew or Megan to fix it in Photoshop as thats basically their jobs, but it'll do for now.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Cameron Diaz sex tape

but anyways


if anyone already had tech tv they knew it was the greatest channel ever
but now it sucks
sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks
Theres only 2 new screensaveres a week and 45 shows about videogames
its os bad
i want the old tech back
i want to learn about tech please somebody help

the end

p.s. If you wanna be a Terroist be the Domestic kind you only get 5 years

Thursday, July 08, 2004

I Think I'm Turning Japanese

Stolen from Jonnie 'cause lets face it he has a lot of good linkies.

My japanese name is ?? Endoh (distant wisteria) ??? Michiyo (three thousand generations).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Well, technincally its Michiyo Endoh (in Japan they put the Family name first then the first name). Three thousand generations distant wistera. Not every intimidating...

Lost In A Sea of Crap

Last night the manpiece and I finally got around to watching Lost in Translation. It was so hyped from all of the people who'd seen it and by T.V. and so I figured it was worth a watch. Andrew wasn't too into watching it, but he caved 'cause I suffered through Dreamcatcher for him. Now maybe its just Andrew and I, but honestly we thought it sucked. It was painfully slow, only moderately funny at best, there was no release, no real point. Its just a couple more hours of my life gone, that I can't have back. Maybe I'm some ignorant rube who doesn't get the "big picture", but seriously: what a boring, unentertaining waste of my time.

I keep having really violent nightmares at night and I can't sleep well. They've even started to wake Andrew up 'cause I've started talking aloud. Well, I dunno if I'm talking, but I'm definitley making sounds like mumblign or something.

I'm also nervous 'cause I started taking some medication that's supposed to make me violently ill. I know other people who've taken this medication and they can attest to how sick you get. They even gave me meds at the hosptial to counteract the nausea, but I haven't had to use one. I'm scared the medicine might not be working, eeek!

Anyhow thats all that's new here. You chicken fuckers better start leaving me comments even if I am boring, becuase I hate having no comments. Poop!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Observations from Cube 2

My desk for some wierd reason smells like soy sauce and I'm salivating Pavlov's Dog style for some sushi right now.

Short sleeved, button-down work shirts that are seas too big for you and worn tucked in look atrocious. Increase this atrocity expotentially by the number of colors in your ugly assed tie.

My office will find any excuse to party. Today we're closing the office to have lunch at a little trattoria within walking distance called Tavola. When we return which will proabaly be no earlier than 2:30 we'll be having cake for my bosses birthday. By time those festivites wind down it should be well on its way to 3:30 at which point everyone starts shutting things down in order to "blow this pop stand" at 4 p.m. promptly. It's days like today that I think I'll miss the "efficiency" of the goverment that myself and fellow absent lunch-going coworkers help to achieve every day.

I honestly think I might be partied out. Seriously the last 2 weeks are just an absoulte blur of booze, beer, green smoke, sleepless nights and days wasted sleeping all afternoon (not that I'm complaining, mind you) I just wish I could get back on some sort of normal schedule.

Some freak in my office has decided to do away with the WCBS 880 newscast playing in the office on the radio and put on some "Lite FM" crap. My ears have been assaulted afternoon by the forced strains of Michael Bolton and Michael McDonald. Please someone tell me the quickest way to deafen myself. (Damn me for leaving my iPod at home today!)

We've Got A Pulse

Apologies lil lovelies for the lack of posting. Its absolutely insane here at work (July is always the "busy" month for me) and I only have 18 days of proper work here left (23 if you want to count the total number of days from now til the 29th). I'm not sure that I'll get around to writing much in the next few days, but I'll try.

I had a really stellar weekend with the most amazing boyfriend ever and lots and lots of really great friends. I have decided to go back to slingin' lattes as a part time solution to supplement this job's income and give me something to do so I'm not totally unemployed. Oh yeah, plus tips from that job, so don't forget to tip your cute, lil redheaded baristas. :p

I think thats it for me, nothing too great to blog about, hopefully the Don will come through with somethin' big and give us a post or 2 in my down time, but he's been quite busy as of late as well, building pools, burying bodies, you know...the usual.

Also, congratulations are in order for Tina, John & Tristan Bentley on welcoming the newest member of their family, Seth Michael Bentley into the world. Seth, was born on June 28th, so you know he's gonna be a good egg (c:

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Crack Kills Braincells

Someone at Dell Computers is DEFINITLEY on crack, because someone in their marketing department came up with a brilliant idea "Trade in your iPod and we'll give you $100 off of one of our crappy mp3 players". Nice work, guys. Thats a real crack team of marketers you've assembled. Let me know how that works out for ya.