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Diva & Co.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Couple of things

The tv just asked me if I got a little captain in me
...........Im pretty sure I don't
but if there was how would he breath and sail the 7 seas

and im wathcing E! they say it's a countdown of Unforgetable Snl moments but most of these on the countdowns arn't moments and alot of them are forgetable if they are a selected moment stupid E! Give Snl Reruns back to Comedy Central

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

It's not creepy unless it involes Undergarments

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Silver Spoon

I Rencently Befriended a Silver Spoon So I guess I should make new frineds but my freinds suck the spoon is better

I tell you the silver spoon has been a blast I put it on my nose, wear it behind my ears, scratch my back with it ,scratch my dogs back all sorts of things

that's kinda weird

Monday, September 20, 2004

Forgive me for i have Sinned

I forgot as well as i bet you that it was Talk-Like A Pirate Day Sep 19th

shit shit shit
I even have a eye patch and everything
I was so in the moode to say Argg to

I'll say a negitive Argg to sarah Jessica parker winning a award but the rest of the nominees didnt deserve it either

and a Positive Arg for Arested Development for winning best comedy

another negitive Arg is Angels in America winning awards but then again look at there other nominees but still that was bad

Positive Arg for John Ritter not winning a Award Cause just cause you die you dont deserve one unless it would be a special Threes Company Award of Exolence

Negitive Arg for that lady wiht the big boobs who plays Adriana on Sopranos What she do this year besides Get a Case of the "Jim Jams" or "IBS" or almost give Tony a hummer thats not emmy worthy

Last negiive Arg goes to Futurama Not winning a emmy and Stupid Samuri Jack winning the emmy but iv'e seen like 3 good episdoes of samuri jack but id rather have it rubbed in Foxes stupid face if Futurama Won again all well

Last postive Arg Goes to me For seeing Sky Captain Cause it was Fun and All Max Fleischery and Old timey Radioy and All sorts of flying stuff and Animals and Rockets and goggles so many goggles

The End

p.s. i Propose Talk liek a Secret Agent day or Talk like a Russian Spy Day To Counter or Co-op with Talk like a pirate Day

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Shame on you E!
This is about Emmy's PreCoverage

No Joan Rivers on the Red Carpet is like The Sea without Fish sure it sounds great but you know somethings missing and not right

Star jones sucks Dirty Hobo Bum Asshole

anyways i wont be watching the emmys in fear that sex and the city will win awards
I will go see sky captain then come back and find out what horros and war crimes (yes sex and trhe city winning a award is a war crime check the Gineva convention its right under Naked ass pyrmids) have happend

p.s. Chim cham is a very dirty girl she ran threw muck

Wo-oah, Isn't That Random

Its freezing, 'cause its breezy as I sit under my blanket and a cool breeze blows in. Its not cold enough to be fall yet. I'm looking forward to mittens, turtlenecks, scarves and peacoats. Also crispy orange leaves and apples. Yum. Halloween is soon. Got some great costume ideas.

Right now Episode 2 is on to get Beeks up to speed on all things Star Wars. Come Tuesday I don't think I'll be seing my superfan-boy boyfriend for at least a good week or so. Drat. If you want to schedule dinner or anything like that: please feel free to call me. Hehehe.

Jets are winning right now. Yay for that.

I miss having time to just sit in front of the computer and bullshit all day. Although there is a light at the end of this tunnel: I'm going to start working at my old job (different office though) a few days a week part time as many hours as I need to help out, so thats an added plus and added cash, so w00t.

Hayden Christiansen is pretty freakin' hot and I'd like to drink some of that blue milk stuff that Natalie Portman brings him on Tattooine (simmer down, geeks, I know I can't spell).

Punisher & HellBoy were actually not the crapfests I was expecting.

I miss my internet-recluse lifestyle. Interacting with real people is too expensive.

I really fucking love my boyfriend. He's so amazing. SiGh...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I'm finally recovered from monday's hockey clinic. Yes, that's right. I'm now playing ice hockey, full pads, on real ice (as opposed to that fake kind, you know) and I'm acutally not half bad if I do say so myself. Lets get people together for a pick up game!! C'mon I've got the best goalie this side of the Canadian border on my team and his roomate is always in contention for the scoring title. Chickens!

Um. Work rocks, I'm still loving it. The fact that I just got a raise probably helps just a little. They've made me shift manager and well that's cool. We've got a bunch of new people at work, some of whom I've taken to making my new drinking buddies (when I ever get a chance to get around to drinking).

The boy's brother's wedding is rapidly approaching so I'm looking forward to that. I really dig his family and weddings are usually very fun. Well, wait...wedding RECEPTIONS are usually very fun. Acutal weddings: not so much. Maybe I'll skip the whole getting married thing and just have a ginormous reception instead. Seems like it gets right to the good stuff that way.

Thursday September 30th I'll be at the "Girls Night Out" at Stamford's lovely Temple Bar so hopefully some of you locals will come out to support it. The proceeds go to the American Cancer Society so even though the cover is steep its for a good cause and you get an awesome goody bag and free drinks (and some yummy pink ribbon cocktails: think cosmo meets strawberry vodka). My girls and I will definitely be out regardless of how early I have to work the next morning. All this talk about Breast Cancer support reminds me. Go donate to Gary and Liz and donate or give them some sort of moral support for their upcoming participation in October's Avon Walk For Breast Cancer. I know Gary and the sexy ladies at Red Rocks west are hosting a charity dodgeball tournament at Chelsea Piers in the city so you should join a team and go play or sponsor a team. How much fun will that be?!?!

That'll do it for now childrens. Love you all. Sorry I'm not around much, but I promise to write more. I just feel bad boring you with the mundane details of my life which as of late consist of : wake up, make coffee, buy coffee, hang with the boyf, sleep, rinse, repeat.

Oh, I did have a dream that I was visiting California and I ended up at Sabrina's House and it was pretty awesome. Her parents were out of town and she was having a party and her roof didnt have shingles it had amber stones and her lil sister told everyone to fuck off she was trying to sleep. It was pretty f'n funny.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I Am now related to a Jet not the plane but the Football kind so does anyone know if that gets me free stuff or does it just impress people that care about kids games?

that is all
i think

I watched Rambo First Blood With my freinds dad he got tired so he went up stairs chanting Rambo Rambo Rambo
at the end of them ovie i felt bad for rambo he was all sad and broken down then it ends i wonder what became of rambo

in matching with seeing the 3rd of a series of mvies youve never seen the first 2 I also watched Die Hard: With a Vengeance i don't know what happend in the end of that I think Die Hard won

I belive my brain to be Melting and thats why i'v been having all head achs alot or i need new glasses

Has anyone noticed the size of the nuts that are falling from the trees this year i think that means a Bad Winter wich is fun cause i like to shovel and make snow men but it's no good for driving we need cars with Fire Wheels

They put up a stop light at the south end of my street i live on Its on in the middle of the night so at 2 am the light is so long you cna run out of the car stand in the middle of the road cause no cars are coming in the middle of the night
Stupid traffic light being on when there no freaking traffic
in the morning there traffic but not at night they can time that shit can't they

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

He's a Ghost and he Talks to us. we call him Ghostwriter
So remember on Ghostwriter lil hector playing wallball with Alex well now he's on Real World Philadelphia with a bunch of horible people
now is real world out of citys yet? Whats after Philadelphia?

Didn't they get sued for not useing union workers or somthing ehh i'll just watch this first episode then forget about it
but Hector is cool I wonder if he goes to Ghostwriter Reunions

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M.

Alternate title: an open letter to my exes and other random mumblings

Dear Ex-Boyfriends (this is about 97% of you),

Thank you for all those crappy, thoughtless presents that I smiled through and so obviously showed that you had NO clue about me or what I liked you just went for the generic easy boy way out or bought things you'd like for yourself. I didn't realize it was so at the time, but I appreciate you making me rich. You see, this weekend the girls and I had a tag sale and becuase of all of the useless piddly crap (and a lot of your old clothes that I kept after the break-ups) I made $300. So, I guess, um, like I said when I started this letter: "thanks". No, this does not mean its okay to call me, 'cause unless you're one of the 3% not included in the general ex-boyf population I don't really want to talk to you and no, you're not entitled to a stinking red cent of my money. Go have your own tag sale, bitch-ass!

Her Royal Divaliciousness

Phew, now that that's out of the way I can get to the meat & potatoes of this post (but first, a side thought: am I the only dumbass out there that is nervous when publishing their spelling of the word potato [or variations thereof] after the whole Dan Quayle potato debacle for fear of getting mocked by other self-righteous bloggers who are better spellers?...Yup, just me. I thought so...)

Anyhow, my boyfriend's older brother is getting married at the end of this month. He is the best man in the wedding and paid for the bachelor party, so he doesn't have to get the soon-to-be-newlyweds a present. I feel that I get along relatively well with the family, the brother getting married and his fiancee in particular, and at the time of the wedding my boyfriend and I will be together 8 months. What is an apropriate gift to get the couple? I didn't recieve a proper invitation as I'm the "plus guest" for Andrew, so I have no clue where they're registered or if its even apropriate for me to get them something from their registry. So this is where you all come in (if there are even any of you left reading this) what do I do? Are their rules for this sort of thing, what are your opinions? H E L P! Thanks. Oh also, what the hell should I wear? That would also be helpful for you to decide for me. Thanks a lot, fearless readers. Snootch!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Help Help Help

my Internet keeps being weird
It works but it Does'nt work
and i search all sorts of word combination to find help

So like Any program open already keeps working but then no new web programs or web sites work

Example: my aim is working then im useing the net looking at google or somthing then i open up hotmail to check mail it won't open either will anything else
I run spybot search and destry and adaware and I use Avg 6.0 to check for virus nothing comes up on them

I hate it its annoying
the internet won't work for 10 or 15 mients sometimes somtimes it's jsut 5 but then it works again liek magic. its' crazy

anybody know what i can do??

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I just wanted ot bring up something improtant

Babar - King Of The Elephants

that is all

Senator McCain Has Been Replaced by a Robot.
sure you say your crazy now but think about it
He had been kidnaped and put in a bamboo cadge just like when he was a POW in Nam and he's being held till december when his memory will be erased
and hell be Reinstated back into the Senat with a bit of reprograming so he knows what his Robot did but can never admit to it being a Robot so youll see even more pain in his face that you already see today

that's just my theory

and "Don't be Girly Men" = Don't be a Faggot
thats not the same kinda love I felt while wathcing Jingle all the way