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Diva & Co.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

stupid basbeball team now you have nothing to root for ever again unless another 80 years go by

Sunday, October 24, 2004

On Life

Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?

Do people really like Modest Mouse?

Why don't I have a good enough body to be the chick from Blood Rayne for Halloween?

Who is your daddy?

Why are the good people gettin' f-ed by the man?

How can I get more money?

What will Hank be for Halloween?

What are the secrets of the island of Lost?

What the HELL is that smell?

Will I get tricked or treated for halloween?

Will I ever finish my costume?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

You Knew This Was Coming

Yankees, how ya doin'? HAHAHAHAHA!

Let the hatin' commence.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My hair is like 5 times more Pretty Thanks to Garnier Fructis

so I fully Suggest EVERYONE to go and get some and Garnier Doesn't test on animals so mix it with your herbal essance shampoo and have pretty hair like I


Monday, October 18, 2004

'Cause I'm The One With A Platform To Say It
Don't Be A Dumbass And Automatically Assume You Know Who or What This Is About...Sometimes Its Nothing More Than A Random Thought

The most disgusting and perhaps insulting use of the words "I Love You" come when you know you've pissed someone off and are just trying to dig your way out of it. Oddly enough, those 3 small words are empty at that point and don't cast a magical forgetfulness spell and will inevitably lead to you having to dig yourself out of a bigger hole later. Ladies and Gentlemen, think before you speak, I implore you.

Scot Garrett is my congreesman He Sucks alot Click on link

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Thanks For Noticin' Me...

So yesterday I dyed my hair brown. 6 customers at work and all of my coworkers noticed. My family still has not. (Yes, I've acutally seen them in person since the color change). Am I really not here that much? Sheesh!

Thanks to Gary for gettin' some awesome Beastie Boys tickets at the Garden this past Saturday. It was great to see you again, hun! Andrew and I had a blast! Also, though she might not read this a H U G E thank you to Gina for getting the tickets in the first place. I'm sorry you couldn't go hun. )c:

Monday, October 04, 2004

A Title Would Go Here, but I've Not Got One

If you'd have told me a year ago that the following list of facts about me would be true I'd probably have laughed right in your face and told you no way in hell. It's a bet I'd have taken 'cause I never thought I'd be out of the rut I was in, but alas here we are:

I'd be playing hockey twice a week

I'd never be on instant messenger, hardly blogging and maybe checking my email once every 2 days or so.

I'd have an amazing boyfriend who a) I didn't get sick of in 3 months and b) I'm not even remotely interested in cheating on.

I'd be working at Starbucks instead of for the Town

I'd be contemplating becoming a paralegal

I'd be truly and non-medicatedly happy

I'd be friends with girls who didn't like drama (there are certain exceptions from my group of girl friends a year ago)

I'd have a local boyfriend, not some long distance Ron & Fez related internet guy who I really know nothing about.

Its funny how when you start to help yourself the crazy way things could turn out. I thought I was so locked into where I was and to see that's not the case is quite possibly the best feeling ever. I hope any of you that are in a rut can get the courage up to stop being scared and start making changes in your life that you want... You'll be much much happier. I promise!

Shaun of the Dead
Top 5 Zombie Films + My Zombie Manifesto

I Just Finished Watching Shaun of the Dead I liek Zombie movies and the Ads Say Peter Jackson and Sam Rami Love it So im like oh i gotta see this so i ..(wink wink) did p.s. thankyou internet.. anyways It is Pretty Good so i went to IMDB and saw there message board and they were like top 5 zombie movies and im like ohh and so some of the people are alright with there list but i like my 2 cents so I wrote it out
Now should you see the movie yeah i explain below why you should see it on Dvd at home instead of theator
also on imdb is for somereason people from england think America is stupid (I wonder where they go that idea) so they have threads explaining british words liek twat I for one didn't even know that was british but always knew Twant means Pachachi (vagina) also theres some people who demand theres zombie movie refrences in shaun of the dead but i see them as yeah that could be from Insert movie title here but really they are jsut things zombies do

Soooooo in conclusion for the sake of my own sanity and its like 4am and cable in the classroom is starting on Cnn (ohh i love Cable in the classroom) i will end my rant now
Top 5 Films

1. Night of the Living Dead (68)

2. Miceal Jackson's Thirller ( it is a short Film it counts its still scares me always)

3. Dawn of the Dead (78)

4. Dead Alive (not cause of the comedy but it made alot of sense if Zombies act on basic instinct then they would be Humping in the streets as well as looking for food)

5. Day of the Dead (gotta compleat them even if the first half is dull when the zombies start up its a party pluss the science of it)

Special mention to Return of the Living Dead III Because of the science in it the whole Return of the dead thing with the Trioxin 245 and then in this one about the fact Zombies can some how remember wich is also brought up in Day of the dead but they use it good here

Now does anyone agree Zombies make sence sorta theres basic rules that i would like to be compleatly followed wich Shaun of the dead Really Did right so it gets credit but its not better then (in my opinoin) my top 5

I wish for the Ultimate zombie movie one where Zombies are a list of things

My Zombie Manifesto

1. Move Slow! There Dead They dont have great Skills at walking there parts arn't alive (shame on you who like the fast moving zombies how do they move fast if they can move fast then they can think if they can think then there not really dead zombies hunt and are dead

2. Break Threw Glass but not Wood! that means no Grave yards would be Full of Zombies cause how could they break out of the wood and Double pain glass i can't smash threw that and im alive so neither would zombies so people with good insulated windows would be safer

3. Zombies Eating Zombies! Zombies would eat eatchother cause they jsut are out looking to eat so they would eat eatch other aswell as go for humans

4. People bit Get infected slowly die cause of the disease always and the bite woulnd does'nt heal but you can cut off the Infected part and burn it if you act quick (example: your arm is bit Bam cut off your arm at the elbow and then burn the end of the stump youll be fine right away) but you wont be fine is its like 10 minuets later

5. They wanna hump They would have the urge to get off and be all bumping away cause it feels good

6. When a Zombie Eats Someone They Finish the job! some movies are like someone got Bit up and taken away by the zombies and then in a few scenes later that person is back as a zombie why didnt the zombies finish him off they got full?


thats what I think of now but I think alot about zombies maybe too much but that are realistic to me and I know one day we will be over runned by zombies but i'll be ready iv'e been ready since I was in 3rd grade I also belive we'll make smart robots to kill zombies but soon the smart robots will learn to make Zombie Cyborgs it i'll be a whole mess
Why to See it but not in Theators

all well Shaun of the Dead Was really funny and a Good Zombie movie Cheeky even
I wouldn't tell people to see it in theators though its more gooder to see these things at home i think Something about coming outta the Theators with the Ads and the Mall or where ever your Theator is Its a Moode Killer at home you have Windows and Woods or whatever so you are looking out side thinking oh no tonight is the night they are coming and i need a something Blunt close to me as I sleep incase i need to wake up and smash shit

okay so No ones probly Reading but one or 2 people thankyou for reading i know im a bit crazy so shhh don't tell nobody i trying ot meet some ladies unless you know anyone whos into zombies