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Diva & Co.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

And So It Begins...

61 Days 'Til My Birthday. It's June 28th. I expect presents, or at least free drinks!

Monday, April 25, 2005

I Second That


Preach on brotha. I totally was just logging on to blogger to bitch about my class that I took for work today on the 25th. We're twins awash in a sea of shyte. Keep your head up!


Saturday, April 23, 2005


I've been living with my boyfriend for so long now that when I come home to my kitties: I'm allergic to them! I need to claw my eyes out of my head or just spray myself in the face with a hose...or just stop petting the kitties. I can't though, they're too cute! POOOOOOOOOOOP!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Truer Words Never Spoken

I couldn't have articulated a better list myself. Its feeling *so* appropriate to post this lately. Borrowed from Netscape News Homepage:

25 Things Women Wish Men Would Figure Out:
1. Saying "I love you" before, during or after sex doesn't count.
2. When we ask you how we look, "fine" is not an appropriate answer.
3. We obsess over whether you'll call from the moment we give you our number.
4. We fantasize. But it's usually about you.
5. We love it when you email us at work.
6. No matter how cool we seem about it, if you did something bad, we're pissed off.
7. Don't patronize us by asking if our bad mood is because of PMS.
8. Don't ever tell us what to do, even when we ask you to.
9. We will leave you if you lie to us.
10. We're unimpressed by men who don't take the lead. Be a man, dammit!
11. We love when you hold our hands.
12. We need to hear how you feel about us. Tell us right now. And again in ten minutes.
13. We want to be the best thing that ever happened to you -- and for you to know it.
14. If we don't feel loved, we'll start looking elsewhere.
15. Don't talk about your ex. Ever.
16. We like porn, too.
17. We remember everything about our relationships. Yes, everything.
18. We let you fix things.
19. You're sexiest when you're: sweating, driving, shaving, or holding a baby.
20. We've faked it.
21. Groping and foreplay are not the same thing.
22. While we're on the subject: more foreplay!
23. If we're not having sex it's because: we feel fat; we don't feel very close to you, or we are punishing you for not doing something our way.
24. We're afraid to meet your mother.
25. We think you should have already known all this stuff.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


So before Vegas I bought 2 packs of condums. I packed one and the other I put somewhere for safe keeping. Apparently I put it somewhere so safe that even I can't find it. It only troubles me 'cause I don't want my mother coming across it. Not that she doesn't know what's going on as I'm practically living with my boyfriend, but its just unsettling to have a box of condums floating around in your family's house. Meh.

I feel like I put them in a drawer or a cuppboard, but I can't find them ANYWHERE. I think its good that I cut down on all the pot smoking 'cause maybe I'll be able to remember stuff. Poops.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I'll Be Rich, Biatch

I need this Inflatable Pub then I'd have my own bar and I could get rich and buy a real bar and hey, a bouncy castle bar is pretty fucking cool.

Boo To You

I posted my lil heart out lately, and for what? No comments! Poop to you guys!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Okay, Seriously

Even busted up in the face, how freaking deliciously, unmatchedly sexy is Ryan Reynolds. I love him. Damn you, Alanis Morrisette!

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

A - Andrew, my boyfriend, aka the most rockin', cutest, awesomest goalie I know.
B - Black Iced Tea Lemonade. My favorite drink from Starbucks
C - Coach. Only the best hang bags E V E R !
D - Days off. Oh how these rock my socks off. Too bad I don't get 'em when everyone else does.
E - Eat A Bullet . Com Jim Norton is one funny dude, dude.
F - Fox Racing. I am obsessed with their clothing. Buy me more, please!
G - Gave. The best wine region in Italy, hoes.
H - Hockey. So fun, hopefully I'll find a summer league.
I - Ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery is so "teh yum" for the summer
J - June. The best month, also when I was fabulous enough to be born. I expect presents.
K - Kitties. All four of mine are the cutest babies ever. Especially my lil Sonic!
L - Lattes. Its how a girl makes a living.
M - Mother Puckers. My hockey team in Mamaroneck.
N - New York City. Only the best place to be for good eats, good shopping and great bars.
O - Opie & Anthony. Check 'em out on XM Satellite Radio. Its some funny assed stuff, kids.
P - PacSun. My Favorite store. Yes, I realize it doesn't make sense for me to be obsessed with PacSun, and Coach bags and stilettos, but you'll get over it.
Q - Q. The new B.B.Q. place in Port Chester, so so YUMMY!
R - Rainbow Brite. I'm so a child of the 80's. Hehehe.
S - Stoli Strawberry & Sprite. My drink of choice these days.
T - Trevor: my super awesome favoritest car ever. My pride & joy.
U - Ugh...am I done with this list?
V - Vegas. God, I gotta go back there. I'm totally obsessed with everything there. I dunno how long I can stay away and I don't even gamble.
W - Weekends: even though I work through most of them, I still live for them.
X - XM satellite radio. The talk, comedy and rock stations rock ass on here. Such a good investment.
Y - Yummy - Iced Grande Vanilla Soy Lattes. So so tasty!
Z - Zero. I've got absolutely nothing for this.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Old Skool

So, I've been all happy and sunshine for the last few week & months until yesterday. Not that anything in particular went bad, but just that as soon as I got out of work a really ominous vibe swept over me. Last night I was treated like I disgusted and annoyed people (which is always a fun situation to be in), I heard some interesting comments and then a phone rang quite late and upon glancing at the caller I.D. it wasn't answered because they "don't know who that is." My insomnia was back with a vengance and I was up til 3 a.m. just talking to anyone that was around about anything to get my mind off of all of this

At this point I think its just my neuroses and I'm reading into things, but I'm never one to stand by and be victim of cirucumstance so I'm formulating a plan of attack. Well, not attack perse, but a plan to deal with this sitauion so its not plaguing me. Of course this all happened before my day off so now I just get to sit around all day while everyone else is at work and dwell on this. Yes, this R U L E S.

I *do* want to say thank you though to the people who were there to talk to me last night it was nice to get my mind off of things and be regaled with side splitting tales of the banana show and the prospect of a subtitled Revenge of the Sith. Craziness.

I also talked to some of my UConn friends last night which was nice to just catch up with them. We've made plans to hang together at some point and just catch up so it should be all good in the hood. So thank you to you, as well for getting me through the night last night. "Want 2 Sleep ??" Nah...sleepin' is for suckers.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm Back

Well, sort of. I'm just in super lazy mode lately, so its not that I don't have anything to blog so much as I don't really feel like sitting down and blogging it. Although I read everyone's blogs every day now and I have even stumbled on some new ones, I just can't really be bothered to blog in the 4 a.m. hour,

Vegas was off the freakin' hook. I love shopping and drinking and no open container law (or at least one that isn't enforced). We did so much stuff. We did everything we wanted to (except hit up the Ghost Bar at the Palms) and we still have a list a mile long of stuff to go back and do. I'm not a huge gambler, but I'm all about the drinking and even though we said every day that "we weren't going to drink today", inevitably the casino cocktail hoochies came around and well, I couldn't put 'em out of a job. They survive on tips, people. The fact that the Monte Carlo had a decent pub didn't hurt either and well drinking as you're walking around shopping takes the edge off. I'd like to move into the Forum shops at Casesar's. Either there, or the fashion show mall or a room at the Wynn. Yeah, like I could afford that...anyhow, you can bet your sweet ass that I'll be back in Vegas (hopefully before year's end) partying the shit out of it. So, woo for that. Greatest part of the trip: Andrew had no idea he was even going until We were at the airport. I rock at keeping secrets!

Work is annoying, but I guess I can't complain 'cuase I am gainfully employed after all. I just wish I could sit down and rock out at the computer again 'cause I'm sick of all this latte making crap. The promotions are good 'cause they're helping me get closer to going corporate with the company and eventually I'll be working in NYC (right next to the Empire State Building, bitches).

Hockey is done for the season, the mother pucker's weren't very successful, but damn it, we had fun and thats what matters. Girls weekend in the Pocconos was also a huge success, thanks to Stay for sharing up her house and outlet shopping, woo. It was fun having all of us from Megan's bridal party together rocking out, laughing and being silly. Let me tell you: blue m&m's know how to drink. I discovered a new free image hosting site so I'm going to start getting more pictures on here. (Yeah, just like I promised I'd start blogging more, right??)

I think that's it. I'm sure I'll have more to post about, but I"ve got to get to work so maybe tomorrow on my day off I'll post more.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Can't Wait One Minute More

But it's going to have to. I have an update for the blog: tales of Vegas recap (not the good stuff that had to stay in Vegas), girls weekend recap, random update on what is up with me (c'mon, you know you've been dying to hear about it!), and I'm sure I'll find other random stuffs to write about. It's coming either this afternoon or tomorrow. I know I can count on you, faithful readers to wait with baited breath.

Catch ya on the flipside.