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Diva & Co.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

R.I.P. Nice Guy Eddie

Larry, stop pointin' that fuckin' gun at my Dad!

Monday, January 23, 2006


Shane McMahon's crony (and alumni of my high school) Pete Gas formerly of the WWE is my new office supply sales rep. I just met him as he came to sit down with me and discuss prices. He looked really familiar and I told him that and then he told me 'cause he used to be in the WWE. I almost laughed, but I maintained. I wonder what Rodney and Joey Abs are up to, lol.

A Little Bit of Everything

My very first friend in life was a boy I met in nursery school named Jesse. Jesse and I quickly became friends and during swimming lessons at nursery school he'd always organize games of A-Team or Scooby Doo in the pool. Jesse was always the dual role of shaggy and scooby and I was always Daphne. The problem with most of my nursery school friends was that everyone went to different elementary schools because most of them lived across town.

Much to my surprise the first day of elementary school I walked in to Miss Gasparrini's classroom and there was Jesse. Maybe the big kid school wouldn't be so bad afterall. Eventually Jesse moved to Maine when his parents divorced and I saw him once or twice when he came to visit. We ended up losing touch. My freshman year at UConn (1999) I got an email from him (he'd seen my mom and gotten my email from her) and we emailed for a few months and my computer crashed and I lost his address. Last night, I had a message on myspace from him. He acutally had to write "OMG, I'm not sure if you'll remember me", DUH! Anyway, he's leaving Maine as soon as he can to come "home" to be with his friends me, this kid Josh (who was another of my first friends as we lived across the hall in the same apartment complex) and another boy, Derek. I used to have dreams that I would randomly bump into Jesse and he'd write his email address down on a piece of paper for me, but I could never read it in my dream. I never even thought to look for him on myspace.

I also had a dream last night that I got stung by a bee. According to the dream dictionary:

"To dream that you are stung by a bee, signifies unexpected misfortune and that you will be surrounded by trouble."

Poop. Hopefully, I can change my own luck or maybe this dream was late in dealing with all the bad luck with school that just ended. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but if any of you have a rabbits foot or clover you're willing to part with, I'll gladly take donations. (c:

Finally, the Russian stock market is going to follow the Chicago stock market and start trading in weather futures. That is pretty damn crazy. I'll be curious to see how this turns out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hardcore to the 100th Power

If Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer then Jack Bauers tears cure fucking A.I.D.S. Much like Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer never cries 'cause he's too busy blowing up terrorists wearing explosive vests with his cellphone! Holy hardcore!

If you missed the last two nights of 24 you might as well just kill yourself, 'cause you missed some awesome television, kids. I would like to have a Jack Bauer baby, but I fear rather than being birthed it would just shoot it's way through my womb. A risk I'm willing to take.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My friend, the lovely and talented Beex put it best when she coined the term "life tilt" (i.e. when everything goes wrong in your life simultaneously you're on life tilt). Now I don't want to be all whiny and woe is me, but this is my blog, damn it, and I can do that from time to time.

All the ghosts of started, but unfinished semesters have reared their ugly heads. Even though I did really well in school this semester and I finished the whole semester and I'm finally ready to be responsible my checkered past has caught up to me. My financial aid was revoked because the ratio of my credits taken versus credits passed isn't high enough. When I questioned why I was allowed to continue the previous semester with aid I was told (and I quote) "well, I guess you should just be lucky that you got a free semester of college". So, here I am. Back at square one. Working full time, with no savings and nothing to show for it, holler.

Being paid once a month is an extremely difficult way to get by espeically in light of my debt load, so I'm going to try and find perhaps a second job so that I can try and make up a little of the slack and perhaps get some sort of savings thing happening so that next time my life starts to implode I won't have to whine to all of you about it. I know a bartender is leaving the local watering hole. Perhaps I could go work at Finns. At least I'd get to see everyone. I'm thinking that if I really go balls to the wall and have a tagsale or something this spring with the man piece that will help and maybe start getting rid of the stuff at my mom's house that I haven't used in about a year by selling it on eBay. Who knows.

I welcome any suggestions short of becoming a prostitute, drug dealer or egg donor.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wow, My Job is, um, Sweet?

Since Thursday I have been getting sick. Since Saturday I have had a fever of over 100 degrees, today I was finally diagnosed with strep throat.

For some reason, I'm still at work. Yesterday I didn't call out becuase I feel guilty about doing so (but I did make it a point to mention my fever and that I was sick all weekend). Today when I returned from the doctor with diagnosis in hand everyone acted like I nothing was wrong, nary a suggestion that I should go home. I'm still infectious for 24 hours. If someone gets sick I will closely monitor when people call out, though I was told (and it seems in the 6 months I've been here) that no one calls out and they plan colonoscopies on their vacation days. WTF!

Fortunately for me, I have tomorrow off, but it was a planned vacation day and by Thursday I should be fine. I really hate this whole "having a work ethic" thing, its pretty fucking lame. Damn you, conscience. Damn you straight to hell!

Friday, January 06, 2006


My boyfriend snores louder than anyone I've ever met. From 3 a.m. on I was able to sleep for only 15 mintues at a clip. I am le tired. I am grouchy. I need a nap and alas I shan't get one.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back from the Dead (or Alive)

I decided to forgo my morning ritutal of playing DOA4 before work and home on my lunch break and for a bit at night, my little lovelies, so I could spend some time with you all! We've unlocked a spartan on DOA to fight with. Well, Reg unlocked it, I am just trying to beat this stupid green girl, Alpha. My only beef with the game is that if you don't beat the characters entire story it doesn't save your progress and you have to start all over.

I seriously think I am starting to get carpal tunnel in my left hand though, between all the typing I do at work and the video games. I am surprised its not in my right hand though 'cuase that's my button mashing hand. You see, I have no strategy for video games, and I love fighting games, 'cause I can just mash all the buttons and whoop the crap out of people (particularly my brother who thinks its fun to "learn the moves") he gets angry when I beat him even though I know nothing.

I keep having bad dreams. I think I am really stressed out, a lot of shady shit has been going on that I'll have to write about a little later. Also, I'm going to Montreal for a weekend in February for my two year anniversary with the boy which I am excited about 'cause we both need to get away and haven't been away since we went to Vegas last year in March (doesn't seem so bad, but we've both been through a lot of stressful shit lately). A lot of friends (well, 3) are getting married in June & July of this year coming up and Andrew or I are in each wedding, so its going to be nuts and strap us both for cash hardcore (especially since he's got to travel for 2 and I have to travel for 1, but the one I'm traveling for will R U L E [heart you, Li!]).

I'm gonna try and find a way to link you to my New Year's pictures, 'casue they rock. I even got to meet the lovely Becca and we got to do a girlie rendition with Lisa of Golddigger. Lou and Lisa saved me (again) on New Years Day. That's all I got. I heart you all, childrens.